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My name is MeincraftManu (I wont tell my real name ;) ) and I like custom tracks. I have my own Youtube-channel (see below), on which I've uploaded 8 custom track ideas. I am an admin from the german MarioWiki (yes, I'm german) and i have many Mario-Games (see my MarioWiki account).

About me


I started drawing my own tracks many years ago, after I got Mario Kart: Super Circuit, but I already knew Mario Kart DS, so less of my tracks are in 2D.

In 2012, I made my first SketchUp-Model: Toad Road (video, taken from Mario Party 9). This actually is an old version, I recently drew a new version, which is closer to the original (pictures of my tracks will follow soon).

Since then I made some more, two of them are uploaded in the 3D-Gallery.

My models

  • Toad Road, Youtube, old version. I've almost finished redoing the model.
  • Unnamed Track, Youtube. FunkyDude15 wanted to use this model earlier, but later he used a better, but still quite similar model. New Track: River Bridge
  • Crab Beach, Youtube
  • Unnamed track, Youtube
  • Unnamed track, Youtube
  • Desert Downhill, Youtube. I'm trying to make a track out of it, but it'll be a pre-alpha. I hope it works, but there are still many things missing (custom music, much KMP, model needs improvements, improved KCL, cameras, checkpoints, routes,...)
  • Pipe Plaza (track version, not battle stage)
  • Block Fort (track version, not battle stage)
  • Unnamed Desert Track, Youtube, video is in German
  • M&L2: Vim Factory + Forest. I've finished the model, I made an textured, an untextured and a map version. This video is completely in german, but I've started adding english subtitles.
Vim Factory + Toadwood Forest Sketchup Preview (MV1.0)
  • SMG: Melty Molten Galaxy. Model finished, tomorrow I'll make the video. looks like I forgot to make a video... well, maybe I'll make one tomorrow, and maybe also using my (not really good) english :D
  • Unnamed snow track, as shown below. Textures are lazily placed.

Full list (really big)




MK64 Block Fort (Track)

MP9 Blooper Beach

M&L3 Blubble Lake

MP9 Bob-omb Factory

MP9 Boo's Horror Castle


Cheese Block


Diddy Kong's Swampland



Figure-1 Circuit

Figure-2 Circuit

Figure-3 Circuit

Figure-4 Circuit

Figure-5 Circuit

Figure-6 Circuit

Figure-7 Circuit

Figure-9 Circuit

Figure-10 Circuit

Figure-11 Circuit


Goomba Gorge





Koopa Bay






Pipe Land

MKDD Pipe Plaza (Track)




Shroom Ridge 2

Shroom Ridge 3

Sky Garden 2

Star Road


MP9 Toad Road


This track ist based off Toad Road from Mario Party 9. It's quite short, and it hast 3 sections instead of rounds (They aren't in the drawing).

You're starting in a plains, and after you drive up a bit, you enter a turn. Then you reach a small lake, where you can decide, which way you take: The left one is the normal one and the right one is a shortcut, you need a mushroom or a star or whatever. After that, you enter another turn, which goes up a hill. At the end of that turn, some bouncy mushroom platforms help you over a gap and you reach another hill. After a left turn, you cross a small river with a bridge and now you're on a third hill. Then you drive though another left turn down to the river, in which you can even fall! Now you enter two right turns and then the road splits again: You need to decide which way you take, the left or the right one. Both got a small bridge and you can easily fall into the bigger lake. After the two roads merge, you pass the finish line.

(I don't want to know how many mistakes i've included xD )

SMW Twin Bridges






SMW Yoshi's Island


Unnamed tracks



Unnamed Snow Track 1
MeincraftManu CT Idea Unnamed Snow Track.png

This is a snowy track with an almost frozen lake in the middle. The racers start in the top left corner and enter a road, where vehicles might drive. After some curves and a weird shortcut on the right they'll jump down onto the surface of the frozen lake. There they have to avoid several holes in the ice, while trying to get speed of all boost panels. Also, a ramp is in the middle of this section. Next, they enter a cave, where they can easily fall off on both sides of the road. To make the 180° turn, they can either use the half-pipe, or try to take the innermost route. A small bridge with another ramp leads to another easy-to-fall-off section. The racers will now leave the big room, and in a smaller cave two pseudo-ramps (trickable with boost panel, but not looking like a ramp) need to be crossed, which bring the racers down a little bit. A long right turn, including a gravel shortcut to the inner side, leads out of the cave, where the track continues on the side of a mountain. The racers can now fall of on the left side both before and after the little tunnel. After another pseudo-ramp they'll hit the road again, and they can choose if they want to drive straight ahead or use the road on the left side - which should be a bit faster. The whole track could also theoretically played backwards.


Unnamed Snow Track 2
MeincraftManu CT Idea Another Unnamed Snow Track.jpg

Another unnamed snow track, but this time the water is not frozen. The starting sequence is quite similar to Cheep Cheep Beach, the racers start on a (snowy) beach on the top and drive onto a boardwalk. After some curves and ramps on that, the next part with three triangle-like bridges needs to be crossed. On these bridges, which are inspired by Crash Team Racing, stunts are possible. The next right turn leads to another boardwalk, with two holes in it for the racers to fall in (or not). After the ramp, that leads right through a waterfall, they enter a cave with a frozen lake and some curves. Then they'll leave the cave and a ramp leads to a third boardwalk, which leads around a house (which has a shortcut), and over a ramp right into the next cave. There the last curve starts, leading upwards and leaving the cave, and on the hilltop, after a sharper turn, the track goes down back to the start.