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Avatar: To be uploaded
YouTube: Matojeje
DeviantArt: Matojeje
3DS FC: 3007 9231 8166
NNID: Matojeje

Česká část

Zdravím. Můžeš mi říkat Maty. Pracuju tady na překladu stránek a hry do češtiny, a taky se učím tvořit vlastní tratě.

English part

Hey there! You can call me Matojeje, or Mato for short. I'm here to translate CTGP-R to Czech, and I'm also learning how to create my own tracks.

I'm just a young furry who makes art and music sometimes.

If you want talk with me, you can meet me on dA or Discord, where you're most likely to catch me! My Discord tag is #8887. I'm planning to put more information here soon.