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Hey,i'm Lil Broomstick, which is also my youtube channel, (other usernames: XTobsterX, Toby, lucasfan937, OOF2608.) I make textures for mario kart wii, (mostly for mii's), and i make sound effects and brstm's. Sometimes, my textures may have gone wrong, for example this one:

this was a test to see if importing baby mario's model and replacing it with my mii's model would work, and suprisingly, it WORKED!

Also, i'm not that popular on youtube, i currently have 44 subcribers, which is not that much.

I also love model swapping in Mario Kart Wii, it's fun to see the results! :D

I learned how to texture hack not so long ago, in april, i think. Here's my very first Mii texture hack:

and i came all the way from just putting a green colour on a mii texture, to making textures with "Hue/ Saturation" in and with pictures, (not from google, but custom-made lol) , and i'm currently working on a brstm pack, which is still in alpha.

i also did a livestream once, which was beginning with a great start, but it ended horribly, so here's what happenend:

somewhere near the end of the livestream, i did the glitch in grumbe volcano, and people started saying: "You're going to get banned what are you doing?!" and i was pretty much confused, because i didn't know the glitch in grumble volcano wasn't allowed, so i went to the website where you can see things not allowed in wiimmfi, and guess what? I saw that the glitch wasn't allowed, and to make it worse, it was marked red O_O. meaning you could get banned. My livestream didn't get too much hate luckily, i explained that i didn't know that you could get banned for it. And we all lived happily ever after :D If you want to check out my livestream, well here you go!-

Well, these are some things you needed to know about me, thanks for reading! :D


discord user: OOF2608

discord tag: #8411

and no, i'm not sharing my instagram :P