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LBFlbf1 info
User image: LBF user image.png
Others names: LBF, lbf, LBFlbf,lucbf.
Youtube channel: Click here
Mii name: <≪"LB⑂f"≫>
Custom Tracks: 2 Custom tracks
Custom battle track: 1 custom battle track.

LBFlbf1 is a creator custom track, but he is inexperienced, and face many problems, but always solves. To date, it did not end with any of your custom tracks(Custom battle track 1/3). LBFlbf1 loves Mario Kart Wii, he almost always uses Mach Bike and Bowser Jr, but he also uses the Mii Outfit B, King Boo or Baby Luigi.

LBFlbf1 Custom Battle Track

  • No name yet.
Custom batle track SKU model.png
My first custom battle track (project)

LBFlbf1 Custom Tracks

A lap view of Makuri: Island Snow! by PC Freak (ComputerFreak207 on youtube)

  • No name yet.

LBF and Pc freak custo track.png

This custom track is being made by LBFlbf1 and PC Freak

By the same author: LBFlbf1

YouTube Channel

Unfinished Custom Tracks:
Unnamed CT by LBFlbf1 and PC Freak

Beta Custom Battle Tracks:
Unnamed Battle Course