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Some information
Avatar: JustKaiser-Logo.png
I do: Graphic design, video editing, being an internet funny-man
YouTube: JustKaiser
Discord: JustKaiser Discord Server

The page for the creator of the (now defunct and deleted) worst CT pack ever conceived and a texture mod that tainted Google Image Search for "funky kong", and probably tainted it even more with this bio.

Hi, welcome to Kaiser's. I have no idea how my username wasn't taken already. I'm a moderator of the r/MarioKartWii subreddit and owner of the r/MarioKartWii discord server. After a long hiatus, I finally came back, which could be either bad or good to you. I'm working on something that'll actually be completed and somewhat okay, unlike what I made in the past.

I make YouTube videos, too!

By the same author: Kaiser