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Hi, I'm Jimmy! I am a huge Nintendo Fan, I like to mod Wii/Wii U/Switch Games! I also created the Storm Island Modpack for Wii Sports Resort. Also if you're wondering about my channel name, Its to get my channel shown on search results since my website doesn't show up in the Google search results.


I just wanted to list these, I don't know why but I just do.

  • I am currently the only person to have made a Modpack for Wii Sports Resort, Wii Music, Wii Fit Plus, and Wii Chess
  • I appear to be the only person who has a compiled version of rseq2midi uploaded online

File Format Research This is Reference Documentation for file formats I've studied in other games since I have no idea how to make my own wiki.

PMP File Format

The PMP File Format seems to be a universal format used in Wii Series Games, I've seen it in Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, Wii Music, Wii Play, Wii Fit, Wii Fit Plus. They seem to have similarities to KMP Files used in Mario Kart Wii. They all have different uses depending on the game that they are used by.

PMP Files used in Wii Sports Resort


This is for PMP files Used in Wii Sports Resort Golf. These Files control things like: Player Position, Tree Placement, Tree Type, Sky Placement, Hole/Goal Placement, Object Size, and Flag Placement.

These PMP Files call for objects located in the common.carc file for golf, sort of the way KMP does in Mario Kart Wii.

PMP File - Wii Sports Resort Golf
Offset Type Description
0x00 File Header The header in every PMP File is "PMPF" Which might stand for "Plot Parameter File Format".
0x11  ??? Every PMP File used in golf has a value in this offset that takes up a byte, Might be a checksum?
0x43  ??? This byte in this offset is "80" in every PMP File.
Course Specific Values

These values apply to the first object in the PMP File

Offset Use Description/Other Notes
0x83 Object Type This starts at 0x83, then at 0x133, then it shows up again at 0x1E3, then again at 0x293, etc.

Look down below for Object Values.

0x88 Unknown.
0x90 X Coordinate Coordinates are stored as floats, This offset seems to change every 2 objects.
0x94 Y Coordinate Coordinates are stored as floats, This offset seems to change every 2 objects.
0x98 Z Coordinate? Not Really sure since this seemed to move in random directions even when the coordinates

were changed by values as little as 0.001

0x9C Unknown.
0xA0 Unknown.
0xA8 Unknown.
0xB0 Object Size (Height) Value stored as float (Always set to "3F80" in hex, equal to "1" as a float) 1 is the default

object size.

0xB4 Unknown.
0xB8 Unknown.
0xC0 Unknown.
0xC4 Section End These 4 bytes are always "FFFF". Most likely separating each object in the file.
PMP Object Values

The PMP Files in golf call for objects located in common.carc of Wii Sports Resort.

There are 4 bytes at the start of every object which are laid out like this 00 02 00 02 The first value of "02" is unknown, but the 2nd value of "02" is the object ID. here are the values for each object.

Value (In Hex) Object Notes
00 Start Position Very Confusing Parameters and a location near the end of the file.
01 Flag + Cup There seems to be multiple coordinates for this object based on wind direction,

The game will crash if this object is placed more then once.

02 Green Tree with scattered leaves glf_tree1.brres in common.carc
03 Pine Tree glf_tree2.brres in common.carc
04 Unknown.
05 Unknown.
06 Palm Tree glf_tree3.brres in common.carc (Only seems to be used in Resort courses)
07 Unknown.
08 Unknown.
09 Unknown.
10 Unknown.
11 Unknown.
12 Unknown.
13 Unknown.
14 Unknown.
15 Unknown.
16 The Nineteenth Hole Hotel
17 Crab Rock
18 Unknown. Value used a lot in the files but no object seems to show up when placed.
19 Seems to be Crab Rock again
20 Unknown.
21 Unknown.

EXBIN File Format

In some types of these files they seem to Reference "Excel" a lot, Which might mean that they are some form of Binary Spreadsheets exported from Excel or an Excel Like Program.

EXBIN Files used in Wii Sports Resort


To be Added.

Ping Pong/Table Tennis

To be Added.


To be Added.


To be Added.


Skydiving has 9 .exbin files

File Name Purpose
DockingData.exbin  ???
GameStatusData.exbin  ???
PACalcData.exbin  ??? (PA = Point A?)
PBCalcData.exbin  ??? (PB = Point B?)
PhysicsCalcData.exbin  ???
RemoMiiData.exbin  ???
PhysicsCalcData.exbin  ???
SDCalcData.exbin  ???
SkillData.exbin This seems to be a universal file in the game, Probablly used to calculate your skill level after playing a game.