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Profile Picture: Jaymerzi (200px).jpeg
Discord: Jay's Idiotism Corner
Youtube: Jaymerzi
Twitch: Jaymerzi
Twitter: Jaymerzi

About Jay

Hola, I'm Jaymerzi, I've been modding Mario Kart Wii since about March of 2018. There have been up and down moments, but I still enjoy creating mods for this game. I make Youtube videos and stream as well, and like playing other video games. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy what I make as much as me!

Custom Tracks

Name Latest Version Description
Tower Loop v1.0 My first track with some help from Hman!
Mountain Fields v1.0 My second track was actually a test, not bad though.
Rainbow Beach v1.0 A simple track where you are on a magic rainbow near a beach.
Crate Factory v1.0 Drive around the factory that creates crates, which is owned by ZPL.
By the same author: Jaymerzi