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Howdy! I'm Gabe as you can probably tell from my very creative name, haha. I'm 20 years old and all from the good ol' east coast. But in regards to modding and all sorts of things, I like to change things very...large. I make things more than what they should be and see how the game responds, sometimes get even hysterical results. Through some of my common edits are proof of that. Anywho, you probably want to kclass="bg-red2" | Now what kind of things I've done in the past or whatever.

Filelist and Experience

Filename What it is Experience editing?
BCP Controls the intro cameras before countdown. No
BDOF Control focus, sharpness and blur in tracks. Yes
BLIGHT Control lighting effects on characters, karts, items and objects in a track. Yes
BMG Message files containing localized text for use in game screens and menus. Yes
BMM Mii statues' head material settings. No
BNR Banner file Partial
BRCTR UI Layout files. Yes
BREFF Control information for effect files. Used together with BREFT. Yes
BREFT Graphic and texture data for effect files. Used together with BREFF. Yes
BRFNT Font files used to display text, stored in BMG files. Yes
BRLAN Layout animation files. Yes
BRLYT Controls the UI layout elements' material, TEV and position settings. Yes
BRRES Object files, containing model, animation, and texture information on an object, such as an item box, a character or a course. Yes
BRSAR Sound archive. Yes
BRSTM Music files. Yes
BSP Controls vehicle hitboxes and space parameters. Partial
BTI BTI is an image file format. Yes
CHR0 Model movement animation files. Yes
CLR0 Color swapping animation files. Yes
DOL A Wii executable file, can come in forms of "main.dol" and "boot.dol", just like an .exe for Windows No
KCL Collision data files containing information about when and how objects collide with a course or object. Partial
KMP Course description files containing information on start positions, check points, etc. Partial
KRM Controls the rumble on the Wii Remote. Partial
MDL0 3D model data. Yes
PAC PAC Archive for BRRES, more PAC files, or misc data Yes
PAT0 Texture pattern animation files. Yes
REL Relocatable binary object file. Yes
RKC Data about Competitions. Partial
RKG Ghost data. No
SCN0 Scene settings files. Yes
SHP0 Vertex shape animation files. Yes
SRT0 Texture movement animation files. Yes
SZS Compressed archive files containing many other files. Examples of use include storing an entire course, a menu or a character. Yes
TEX0 Texture files. Yes
THP Movie files. Partial*
TPL Image file format used for menus. Yes
U8 File archive with a hierarchical file system. Most used together with YAZ0 compression and stored as SZS file. Yes
YAZ0 Compression format. Most U8 files are YAZ0 compressed. Yes