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Hi! I'm new to the custom track scene, but I've got a few things planned.

Works I plan to make:

  • GCN Sherbet Land, as a way to "learn the ropes". It'll have the MK8 updates as well as the skateboarding Shy Guys from DK Summit.
  • Wii U Thwomp Ruins (named "Temple of Thwomp")
  • Samara Desert: A vast desert where you drive on a cactus, spiral up a pyramid, boost through an oasis, and even drive on a ray of light around the Sun itself!
  • Wii U Toad Harbor (named "San Toadstool"), where you drive inside the Toad Toy Store instead of on the wall.
  • Daisy Burger: A track in a fast food restaurant where you bounce on a burger, drive on a french fry bridge and a hot dog, and drive through a straw in a milkshake!

Favorite Tracks (real and custom):

Anyway, I hope to make some stuff soon. Bye!