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Hello. I'm a 15-year-old Canadian CT creator.
Every several months, I lose interest in this game and disappear. Every several months, I regain interest and try to get back into the swing of things.
I'm not satisfied with any of the CTs I've made, and I'm trying to learn 3ds Max to create some actually creative, well-designed, and generally playable tracks. Which was something I was trying to do last year, too.
Let's see how long my motivation will hold out this time around.

An autobiography, kinda

Best use of this space is probably to write a self-commentary on my history as a CT author and a retrospective on my tracks.

Prehistoric times

Around the year 2010 was when a me, a 6-year-old, homeschooled boy, discovered that some people were making their own tracks for Mario Kart Wii, and I wanted in. I found this cool computer program called SketchUp some people were apparently using to do so and started playing with it.
I fantasized about what I could make and attempted to model some things that were probably just abstract messes, but what would you expect from someone of that age?

Pipeline Skyway (original)

Why does this video have so many views, anyway?

Over time, I exceedingly slowly developed actual modeling ability, and eventually, I worked on a CT to the finish.
I began Pipeline Skyway with a box that players would start in, but then wanted to use it as a cannon for some reason, and build a track with a cloud section similar to Volcanic Skyway 3, one of my favorite tracks at the time.
I could not for the life of me understand how the aforementioned Volcanic Skyway 3 and other tracks like Thunder City had "banked turns" with such curvature that were created in SketchUp. I ended up "figuring it out"! Just make the two arcs for each side of a turning section of flat road, then manually move each point on the y-axis until the turn is adequately banked, and then make lines that connect the arcs into triangular segments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, my intelligence was lacking.
But not lacking enough to not foresee the issue of Bean corners...After seeing the issue in other tracks, I figured out that lowering walls would help. But not that there's a script to do it or anything!!!! I did it manually!!!!!!!
In spite of my intelligence levels being a mark of a true 9-year-old--yes, I was 9 back then; I would like to stress that--I stumbled my way through Wiiki tutorials, the user-unfriendliness of Wiimms SZS Tools, and came out with what, at the time, seemed like a relatively good first custom track.
Some obvious flaws come out of my limited care for good track design. For example, the initial version of the track had a shortcut route that I to this day had never successfully used because it wasn't properly designed. It was replaced with one that had an extremely sharp corner even for the Mach Bike. But whatever; it was a start.

After Pipeline Skyway

Yoshi's Magic Yarn Basket

Pipeline Skyway (remake)

GBA Ribbon Road

After GBA Ribbon Road

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