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Greetings! I am a sort of person who likes Mario Kart Wii, and other Mario related fun time things! I've only recently gotten into the Custom Mario Kart scene, and I hope to get some form of custom content released soon. And since I got SZS Explorer to work, it should be very soon!

I also like weird things. That's a fact!

Current Track Projects

Sproing Mountain

The track in an unfinished, untextured state.

A fairly large custom track taking place in a mountainous region. Will replace Mushroom Gorge but won't feature any mushrooms. Hazards include the volcano jutting out of the ocean, which spews fireballs onto parts of the track, Piranha Plants, lava geysers and a Chain Chomp near the end. A cannon will fire drivers to the grey slope to the left. As of this writing, the main model is finished, but is untextured.