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Website: K41m4n's Forums
Custom Tracks: (see info to left)
Custom Characters: (see info to left)

I'm really sorry guys, but I can't play hacked MKWii stuff for a REALLY long time :(
Although, I might eventually!
And yes, my four accounts are still there, and you still can see me on MKWii WW. My clan is still open.
What's that? Do I have CoD Wii? Well yes, yes I do! I've got:
CoD MW3 Wii
CoD Black Ops Wii
Say that again? Oh! A clan! I thought you said can! (JK) But I do have one!
CoD MW3: ^2X~YourNameHereWithoutAlternateColors(SomePeopleGetAcceptionsFromMe)
CoD Black Ops: ^2X~YourNameHereWithoutAlternateColors(SomePeopleGetAcceptionsFromMe)

Join my MKWii clan! Tag: [X4iS]

My names:
[X4iS] €øD
[Rv] Txtur
[J4F] ☆€øD