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Hello! I'm Dance4life628, a 16 years old guy from Italy. I'm here to contribute for Italian and Spanish translations, to write information about custom tracks bugs and to create pages for stuff (tracks, vehicles etc) that don't have a page here, so they can be more known. :) I'm also the creator of MKW Hack Pack WR/BKT Wikia, give a look to it here:

Pages Created by Me

Before reading the two lists below, please keep in mind that I don't want to brag about these edits in any way. Creating and editing pages here is easy, so why should I think I'm cooler than other users just because I made more edits? I created them just for fun.

Remastered Pages by Me

Remastered Pages are pages that lack some information and they get improved by me (I don't want to brag about this, though). This is the list: