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This is SpyKids personal CT To-Do List. Needed CT fixes and other notes.


Crystal Dungeon

  • Fix bullet bill route entry to dungeon
  • Broken water animation
  • Wait for Silver for KMP and bugtesting

Hell Pyramid

  • 3D Background
  • New skybox
  • Find and review glitches
  • Lightmap stuff with ZPL


  • Find help for z-fighting

Wolf Castlegrounds

  • Remake model with tZ.

Sandcastle Park

  • Remake collab potentially

Bayside Boulevard

Forsaken Mansion

  • Finish remake

Icecream Sweetland

  • Kill some oil slicks and goombas
  • Minor upscale (first two turns BAD)
  • Weaker offroad but with proper GFX
  • Make sure shroomless is still possible after upscale

Urban Gallery

  • Visual fixes (review CTGP testing feedback)

Rockslide Heights

  • Remodelling with Jasperr (remind about status)

Candy Coaster

  • Update in progress with rinorocks8 (waiting on shadowmap info)

Skyline Avenue

  • Boost panel corruption (ask Jasperr)

Lakeside Hill

  • Fix item routes
  • Shadowmap (ask Flohrianmkw for .blend file)

Nebula Lava Factory

  • Needs .blend file (from ZPL)
  • look into fixing mipmaps and texture mistakes.

Cascade Kingdom

  • Updated model is done, needs new shadowmap