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This is SpyKids personal CT To-Do List. Needed CT fixes and other notes.


Rockslide Heights

  • Bullet bill fixes (shroom in cave, entrance to cave at end)
  • Fix the rocks

Dryland Hills

  • Remove shroombox
  • Marking walls with different textures

BassBasher City

  • Fix the invisible KCL near the stone in the tunnel
  • Edit the ramp before the big hole in the tunnel
  • Make better respawns
  • Update the textures

Candy Coaster

  • General KCL & KMP improvements

Coral Cape

  • Make the out of bounds clear
  • Fix the corrupted KCL at the final ramp somehow


  • Still slowdown
  • been wanting to fix the collisions anyway

Skyline Avenue

  • Make the boost panel before the blue ramp so players stick to it
  • Fix billard table collision

Lakeside Hill

  • Fix item route in the shortcut

Autumn Leavesway

  • Wiggler's body glitching out
  • Garbage collision somewhere above the bridge

Current Status