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Languages: Japanese, English
Age: 19
Twitter: @huodo9rp (Suspended)


Misskey: @Rz9prn
Discord: Rz9prn#8036
YouTube: Rz_Crescendo
Nicovideo: Rz9Paran

Hello there.
I'm Paran aka Rz / Ryuz, a Japanese Mario Kart Wii player. I play only regular WW at the moment, and be recently experiencing MMDs.
I'm creating flat and sketchy Custom Tracks, but now lost motivation for it. And I also translate the name of tracks to Japanese.

I'm sorry if you can't understand my English because it's so bad.

Released Things

My Own Custom Tracks

Name / Current Version Date of Latest Release
Cityside Nature Beta 2.33 2017-08-30
Fortside Volcano RC2-beta 2017-10-05
Nightmare Cliff v1.0 2017-10-31
Cottonplant Forest v1.0 2018-06-16


Name who collaborated with Name / Current Version Date of Latest Release
MaximilianoMK Troy Circuit 2016 v1.0 2016-06-28
Illuminati Track Thing v1.1 2016-11-24
Rainbow Labyrinth v2.0 2016-10-23

Custom Track Edits / Fixes

Name / Current Version Date of Latest Release Original Author
Majora's Castle Beta 4 2017-12-26 Xaeser
Blood Fire Sky Beta 3.1 2018-05-19 Thed0ra7z
Mushroom Fort RC3 2017-05-28 Putinas, Conner

My Own Texture Hacks

Name Date of Latest Release Infomation
Lighting Gold Bricks Beta 2016-09-13 BoneStage-themed texture hack.
Poison Garden v0.7 (Beta 2) 2015-03-02 DS Peach Gardens Texture
Sakura Forest v1.0 2018-04-01 The texture hacks of Cottonplant Forest, my own custom track.
Autumn Cave v1.0 2018-10-28


  • My BRSTMs v1 v2 v3.1 FINAL - The 3 versions of my music pack. It contains unfinished things when it released in v2 Pack. Version 3.1 is probably final release.
  • Unlisted track fixes for Hack Pack in Wiiki

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Unfinished Things

Custom Tracks


Model 35%
KCL 0%
KMP 0%
PostEffect 0%

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Preview in 3ds Max

  Now modelling slowly, very slowly. The new version will be possible to drive in a fortress/tower.
Now this is being re-modelled with 3ds Max.

Model 55%
KCL 0%
KMP 0%
PostEffect 0%

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  • Ghost City
    This track will take place in many ghostly objects, many buildings and a mysterious mansion with darkest fog. The track should have been released on 2016 Halloween in plan.
    I'm thinking that I'm going to replace this track with a new other planning track.
  • Icy Village - This is icy track. There is ice road like N64 Sherbet Land, village of icy buildings and underwater pipe like Volcano Beach 3 went by village. Maybe, it's a deadly project for now.


Model BRRES KCL KMP Animation
16% 0% 0% 0% 0%

Custom Battle Arenas

  • Mall Battle
    This should be my first custom battle arena. The stage is center hall of Coconut Mall themed.
    But sadly, I've lost the progressing model because my old PC broke.


  • A secret project
    This is a private Mario Kart Wii mod project.
    It's being worked in progress by Zero and other people including me.


Custom Tracks

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Texture Hacks

  • Hades type texture - It'll be a beautiful, but horrible texture of N64 Bowser Castle.


  • Paran's CT Pack - The distribution contains many custom tracks with necessary modifications, CTGP system, Countdown Mode, other special game mods and Wiimmfi support with custom regions. The planning list can be seen here.
    • Paran's Mini CT Pack - The main pack is being taken soooo long time to be released at the moment. So I decided to make a simple pack as beta version. The mini pack contains 32 custom tracks and any special game mods, of course. The planning list can also be seen here: Pastebin.
  • Sanae CT Pack (holdin on)
    • Any tracks modifying.
    • A brend new special track.
    • main.dol and StaticR.rel patching.
    • Individual pack testing.
    • Managing region 20009 for pack testing.
By the same author: 9Paran

Custom Tracks:
Cityside NatureFortside Volcano – Riverside Campsite (on hold)Illuminati Track ThingNightmare CliffCottonplant Forest

Remade Tracks:
Troy CircuitRainbow Labyrinth

Texture Hacks:
Lighting Gold BricksPoison GardenSakura ForestAutumn Cave