Underground Camera Bug

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In some tracks while playing in split-screen, the camera goes under the ground.

Known tracks with this Bug

Video Example

Rezway Underground Camera Bug


Removing Face Down Roads

Face Down Roads do not only cause KCL bugs; they also impact some automated calculations of the Wii. One of them is the camera position.

To avoid this, just remove all face down roads. Face down roads can be selected by the KCL flag and its first normal (Y value < 0.0). Wiimms SZS Tools can remove such triangles automatically; see »Creating a KCL with Wiimms Tools« for details.

Raising the Start Position

This problem can also be resolved by raising the start position (Y value). The following table shows good values:

track old y value new y value
Chaotic Circle 5000 5200
DS Airship Fortress 10400 10500
DS Dokan Course 12000 12200
GCN Baby Park RC2 20150 20250
GCN Baby Park (6 laps) 9170 9300
GCN Luigi Circuit RC1 6528 6750
Rezway 3250 3400
Thwomp Factory 4800 4900
GBA Riverside Park RC1 5940 6040
SNES Bowser Castle 1 900 1020

Most of these modified tracks can be found in Wiimm's Custom Track Distributions.