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Icon: SlipperyMac's Profile Picture.jpg
Country: Canada
YouTube: ToadBrawler
Discord: slipperymac#0156

Hello, I'm slipperymac, also known as ToadBrawler. Welcome to my Wiiki page.

I enjoy playing custom tracks, and I specialize in doing nothing.

Tracks I've Updated

Do not ask me to edit or update a track for you.
I've released twelve track updates so far.
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To-do List

  • Learn AREAs
  • Learn how to add shadows to tracks
  • Learn post-effects
  • Learn how to do routes for objects
By the same author: SlipperyMac

Custom Characters:
Turquoise Yoshi

Custom Tracks:
79T Space RoadGingivitis Is Bad

Remade Tracks:
Birdo Island