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Twitch: TDashLIVE
YouTube: TDashLIVE
Discord: TDash#1292

About me

Hey there, I'm Thomadash! Or TDash, either one is fine. I'm just a teenager who grew up playing Mario Kart Wii and watching CTGPR videos from Youtubers like TWD98 and PKSparkxx. They eventually inspired me to mod my own Wii to play CTGPR as well. I didn't really show any interest in making my own mods for the first few years, only making very minuscule custom textures, but one day I said to myself "Why not?" and decided to make my own custom character mod of Jacques, a bird villager from Animal Crossing (and the best bird villager as well). Plus, I thought it would be a good way to learn a bit about game design in case I ever want to pursue making my own game! I have a Twitch channel and a Youtube channel in which I occasionally livestream myself playing games, although I'm mostly inactive on Twitch for now due to personal reasons. Aside from MKWii, I mainly like rhythm games, my favorites being Friday Night Funkin and Taiko no Tatsujin (that's what my avatar is based on). My first mod was mainly just a small passion project so I currently don't have any future mod plans, and I usually just make whatever ideas pop into my head. I don't take mod requests or commissions, but I'm always open to any ideas, suggestions, or other inspiration sent to me via Discord DMs.

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