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Second KTPT to fix finish line position at minimap

The starting position of this track is far away from the finish line. So the finish line at the mininmap is drawn at the wrong position. LE-CODE can fix it: If a second KTPT point is defined, it is used as draw position. So I plan to edit the track and to add an additional KTPT to fix this bug in the next weeks for the next coming MKW-Fun. Additionally I will remove invalid and very small KCL faces (general maintenance on the fly). I will release it.

Is this ok? Which version number shall I use? -- Wiimm (talk) 14:35, 28 June 2019 (UTC)

Sorry for the late reply; Beta 2 would work. --MysterE99 (talk) 22:53, 3 July 2019 (UTC)