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I'm not sure if this happens to anyone else but when I try to add the dk.brres file into driver.szs it causes my Wii to freeze. I think the brres file might be too large but I'm not sure. Awesome model of Shrek though! Wabajeffy (talk) 20:20, 19 November 2015 (UTC)

Thank you! As for your error, are you using CTools? You should go to the driver.szs file with SZS Explorer and replace the dk.brres file on there with the one in the Driver folder. It's easy to get the award and driver brres files mixed up, for I've done that before. Another part worth noting: are there other characters that are custom in the CSS, or karts even? I don't know how many custom characters can be on the screen at once, but you should check those files as well. Also, check the brres file with Brawlbox to make sure nothing is out of place. I am trying to fix other bugs as well, for I found an error in CPU models. If you find more errors, post here and I'll get back to you. --TravixMan (talk) 00:09, 20 November 2015 (UTC)
Yeah I am using CTools. I have 2 other custom characters (crash and tuxie) that I replaced in the driver.szs file and those worked fine. Not a big deal though if you can't fix it cause obviously the actual character works haha! Let me know if you do fix it though Wabajeffy (talk) 00:26, 20 November 2015 (UTC)
By talking about bugs with this custom character, I experienced freezes with the multiplayer. I only used the lb_kart ones. In singleplayer everything worked fine, but the multiplayer always ended up in a freeze. I guess the szs files are just too large. Usual kart szs' have a size of 100 - 400 KB, but yours over 1300 KB. That's my guess, I'm not sure. I'd suggest you to use smaller texture pics, since the one you used for Shrek are pretty large. But as Wabajeffy already said, you made a great custom character here. Greetings SY24 (talk) 18:42, 20 February 2016 (UTC)
These bugs have already been detected and fixed. I will provide a new update very soon. And thank you for your kind words! --TravixMan (talk) 20:21, 21 February 2016 (UTC)
You might also want to look at the vehicle textures, as the exhaust holes are colored grey. Also, you should fold the fingers in, as he isn't really holding the steering.
--maczkopeti (talk) 21:27, 21 February 2016 (UTC)
Which vehicles have this problem? And Shrek's hands have been changed to resemble the other racer's Wreck-It Ralph hands. This is due to having a large poly-size for the original model, so I've optimized it a bit. --TravixMan (talk) 13:22, 22 February 2016 (UTC)
  • Standard Kart L
  • Piranha Prowler
  • Jetsetter
  • Honeycoupe
  • Wario Bike
  • Spear
  • Phantom
These vehicles. You should also remove the outline of the map icon, and make a new CSS icon, as the current one's kinda dark compared to the others.
--maczkopeti (talk) 14:59, 22 February 2016 (UTC
You mean the exhaust pipes are gray, correct? The holes are transparent, which immediately turn to black in previews and in-game. In either case, what would you prefer the color be? I've already checked the Standard Kart, the Wario Bike, and the Phantom and they seem fine. I used Wario's karts as the base for these karts, and I've never touched the engine related things, so I really don't know what the problem is there. As for the mini-map icon, I can't remove the outline because it then affects smaller aspects like the ears in a strange way. I am currently working on the new CSS icon. --TravixMan (talk) 14:40, 25 February 2016 (UTC)
I re-encoded the texture of the Piranha Prowler with BrawlBox, and it fixed the grey holes.
--maczkopeti (talk) 16:08, 25 February 2016 (UTC)
What is the new format of the textures? I have to warn that formats like RGB565 create large file size and will cause freezes depending on file sizes, such as when Shrek kept freezing in Multiplayer due to the format of his karts being large. Freezes also occurred with my upcoming Wario Car mod, which had been held off for a year or two due to the format of the kart in the CSS. --TravixMan (talk) 17:09, 25 February 2016 (UTC)
I used CMPR.
--maczkopeti (talk) 17:24, 25 February 2016 (UTC)

I have updated the Shrek mod with the new version 2.0, though the main page never announced it in the news section. This should be posted in the news. --TravixMan (talk) 21:10, 7 June 2016 (UTC)