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Glitches and issues in v1.0

  • Character Selection model (bds Driver.szs)
    • Piplup is invisible on the character selection screen, with an interesting Harry Potter Effect against the vehicles. [1] Using BrawlBox v0.67b, I compared the materials with vanilla Baby Peach's, and noticed that both materials (bb_daisy_all_tx and bb_daisy_eye_tx) had an incorrect KReg3Color with alpha set to 0 instead of 255. After I fixed that up, [2] Piplup finally showed up;
    • The standing animation (sel_wait) doesn't loop as it should (Loop was set to false), and also seems a bit weird with Baby Daisy's hardcoded standing animation;
  • Standard Bike S (sdf_bike-bds, sdf_bike_blue-bds, sdf_bike_red-bds)
    • The files for Piplup on Standard Bike S are still using Baby Daisy's original body2 texture instead of Piplup's as used in all other files. Replacing it with the expected texture yields the correct results;
  • All vehicles
    • Probably not top-priority, but model_lod (low-detail, distant model) still uses a Baby Daisy model with recoloured textures;
    • Piplup doesn't look quite perfect yet, but again, not a major top-priority issue;
    • On courses such as Moonview Highway, Piplup suffers from white material glitches: [3] [4] [5]
      • Fun fact, the glitch somehow clears up [6] [7] if you're in a Time Trial and you restart it from the pause menu;
      • Once again, comparing material settings against Baby Peach's leads me to changing the MapMode of Materials\bb_daisy_all_tx\Im_1 to EnvCamera instead of TexCoord. This fixed the issue, except on the eyes;
        • that one issue, however, automatically clears up during the race countdown thanks to eye animation (in a fashion similar to restarting a Time Trial), and can be fixed properly by applying the same MapMode patch to Materials\bb_daisy_eye_tx\Im_0 and Im_1.

These fixes were quite a learning experience about BrawlBox for me. I only just starting using Piplup (on stream) and fixed it up, so hopefully you can do the same in a public bugfix release :) (I don't want to feel rude!) DimitriPilot3 (talk) 19:28, 13 April 2014 (UTC)