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ISO patcher

I just looked into the ISO patcher (I wondered why the archive is so big) - your archive contains much Nintendo code as in the Common.szs, all other SZS text files (Race_*.szs for example) or the StaticR.rel file. If I were you, I'd look into Wiimms patcher to see how to make a real "patcher" without any Nintendo code. -- Leseratte (talk) 20:44, 24 May 2014 (UTC)

The vast majority of the size of the archive is custom content, with the new music providing most of the weight. In the current release, v0.6, most of the music in the game is reworked, which makes up around ~63% of the archive in size. The next biggest subfolder is the Race folder, which holds all the custom characters and tracks. This makes up around ~28% of the archive. All tracks have been reworked and a lot of custom characters have been added in. I only included the files that were modified in this folder. You can see that the mii textures and _2 for certian characters are not included, since I didn't modify those. Admittedly there are some texture mods and a heavily modified Common file but most of those changes came from this wiki. The next folder that takes up space is the thp folder, and that takes up only 7% of the space. All .thps were made by me personally.
Files not in those folders take up the remaining 2% of the space. All of these are modified in some way as well. For example, I have reworked most of the text in the game which is why files like race_u and MultiMenu_u are included. These files are usually under 70kb and contain just the text of the game and no extra Nintendo content, with title_u and race_u being the two exceptions. But even for those nearly all the content within them is modified. Also, Common.szs contains a large collection of modifications since this distro has its own item list, drift colors, and various other changes.
I was under the impression that the common way to release heavily modified Nintendo files such as Common.szs was to put the full file into a patch. This is how most files like this are hosted on the wiki. With that being said, if theres a way to release only the patches to those files (maybe a system that diffs the files and then extracts the differences into a mini patching file?) I would be interested in using that, but I was unable to find a tool that did such a task effectively.-- Helix (talk) 23:59, 24 May 2014 (UTC)
Well, even the MultiMenu_* and other files still contain copyrighted Material - all the text you did not change. Or have you changed every single text in the game? And for the Common.szs it's the same. You made many modifications, but there is still Nintendo stuff in it. (I don't know if it's that much that you should patch it). The same thing with the StaticR.rel - this is an exported part of the main.dol, which contains the Physics engine and is also nintendo code which you aren't allowed to provide.
Theoretically, we aren't even allowed to distribute CTs as SZS file - we have to distribute them as WBZ file as the SZS file contains Nintendo-code (for example inside the used objects in the course). You can patch the track files with wszst, and for the other files you can use bsdiff.
Another question: Can you tell me what you changed inside the StaticR.rel? I checked your file, and I didn't find all modifications on the StaticR.rel page.
Leseratte (talk) 04:35, 25 May 2014 (UTC)
I have changed nearly all text that shows in-game, but you're right, there is still a bit of Nintendo content left in those files. For example, I didn't change any of the online text since nintendo servers died and I have no plans to set up this game for online play, unless for some reason there is actual demand by users to do so(I don't think there are gonna be enough users to merit it). But if text could be changed and it gets seen during gameplay, I changed it.
I already know the theory behind the .szs vs .wbz argument but isn't this a preference for release instead of a requirement? Yes, this is theoretically less legal, but a majority of the content posted here is in .szs format so we are allowed to post that content here. Some do distribute with .wu8 or .wbz which I intended to do, but I did not see it as a need to do right away. I will bump it up on my TODO list though. It was set lower down on the list because it seemed futile to put effort into now if I couldn't remove 100% of the Nintendo content. Daemonology seems like the missing tool I was looking for to take out the remaining content, thanks.
The StaticR.rel has the smallest amount of changes of any file and it was the one I was most interested in distributing as a binary patch. Its from DarkyBenji's gallery and it effects the HUD during racing.
Helix (talk) 01:41, 25 May 2014 (UTC)

As of version 0.7, the patch now uses .wu8 instead of .szs

Helix (talk) 03:09, 1 August 2014 (UTC)

In version 0.8, we have removed the Award, Driver, and Common files as well as all files in /Scene/UI/ and in /Boot/Strap/*/ from our patch. The patching script instead uses resource folders to patch the parts of these files that we change. Future updates will continue to reduce the amount of Nintendo content in each patch. The next major patch will focus on removing character models from the patch if we are using a Nintendo model and texture modding them. Instead, we will include just the textures and will texture mod via the patch.

Helix (talk) 00:46, 11 November 2014 (UTC)


I patched this hack in pal with the original mkwii and it doesn't work on dolphin v3.5, it says that "dolphin has stop fonctionning!" when I launch this game and only this. It work with another mod of mario kart wii. Help me please. Nanoman6666

It should work on Dolphin, but a lot of the custom tracks are very detailed and tend to slow the framerate of dolphin on most computers. I would recommend using it on a Wii for best results. - Helix

PAL version

Hello. Is it work now on the Pal Wii too???--Snake 06:55, 31 July 2014 (UTC)

Yeah sure, I already have a PAL test version. v0.7 is pal compatible --Horsti12™ THE Clouddealer (talk) 07:36, 31 July 2014 (UTC)
If i start Riivolution, i cant`t found the XML. And on the Riivolution file, i can`t found the Riivolution game file. --Snake 13:04, 31 July 2014 (UTC)
When using ISO patcher, the best route to go is to generate an ISO. Other formats work, but some have small flaws, especially riivolution. The riivolution version generates an .xml that has all the tracks and characters, but not all the other small touches in the game. You can check here for a pure riivolution version that is fully functional and includes all the other content. In this version, the riivolution .xml is located in the /riivolution/ directory. In future updates we plan to make the riivolution work better within the ISO Patcher scripts. - Helix 16:58, 31 July 2014 (UTC)
I have make a ISO. It works. Thanks for the info. It`s a funny game. I like it. It is maybe a strange question, but why did you not make more tracks with the CTGP Code. Thre are some more good tracks i missed . Riverview Square, Bouncy Farm, and some other good tracks. --Snake 12:13, 1 August 2014 (UTC)
There are some great tracks we miss too! Here is how track selection worked: we went through every custom track available and made up a list of around 50 tracks. Then, we cut it further by aiming for cups with overall themes. We made the choice to exclude so many in order to save some time. For every track we change the music, record preview videos, and plan to do a lot of bug fixes like fixing cameras, fixing splitscreen slowdown, etc. We have considered adding 2 more cups once we are further along with our fixes on the current tracklist. - Helix 22:34, 1 August 2014 (UTC)