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Track´s Owner

JerryMKW doesn´t want to own it,he says he doesn´t feel like the track was his,but I don´t feel like it was mine because he started the track.

While the track was in progress (before it´s release),I made the KMP (v1),KCL (v1) and almost of things the model.

But I understand the why he keep saying that the track isn´t his,because he has done almost nothing (until he sent the model to me make it better),he said what do and what he wanted to be in the track (just somethings were done by Sup3rsmash3 and Torran).

I don´t want to own it because it doesn´t look that I´m the owner and I feel weird in owning it (I don´t want to own it but someone must own it if not the creators space will be in blank) and Jerry doesn´t want to own.

(the track doesn't have my permission to be deleted)

The question is:Who should stay as owner if neither the both want be its owner?

--Rukasudo90 00:08 06 January 2013 (GMT)