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Short Cut

It looks like that shortcut at 0:46 is kinda powerful with or without a mushroom. You might want to think about using the Heavy Offroad variant for the kcl.

  • Heavy Off-road (0x04)
  • 0~ *Sand
  • 1~ *Dirt
  • 2~ *Mud
  • 3~ *Flowers
  • 4~ *Grass
  • 5~ *Snow
  • 6~ *Sand
  • 7~ *Dirt, no effect*

~ Shadow

Thank you for Heavy Offroad id.I´ll put it on the track now.
Also, may I clean the kcl, because I have found many uneeded triangles? ~ Shadow
Thank you for warning me aobut those uneeded triangles. You may clean it! But, would you mind teaching me that? I don't know what these triangles are, and how to clean them. Thanks! --Rukasudo90

You can use Wiimm's SZS Tools. First, patch your KCL with SZS Modifier, and save the SZS. Export the KCL and place it into the SZS Folder of Wiimm's SZS Tools. Run bash.exe and type in these commands:

  • wkclt check course.kcl
  • wkclt decode course.kcl

Now delete the kcl.

  • wkclt encode course.obj -o --kcl DROP,RM-FACEDOWN

Now re-import the created KCL.

Helpful Links:

~ Shadow