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CPU Route bug

When a CPU is respawned, the CPU is out of any ENPT context. Then the Wii search the next ENPT in the entered direction. Therefor it is important, that the an enemy point is near in the front and also have a correct height.

I have made a fast KMP edit:

  • Set some more enemy points
  • Adjust the height of the enemy points
  • Use calculated respawn points; my KMP compiler does it for me:
   j3   (enpt$pos(25)+vy(100))  vy(hDir(enpt$pos(25),enpt$pos(26)))    0 0xffff
   j4   (enpt$pos(30)+vy(100))  vy(hDir(enpt$pos(30),enpt$pos(31)))    0 0xffff
   j5   (enpt$pos(33)+vy(100))  vy(hDir(enpt$pos(33),enpt$pos(34)))    0 0xffff
   j6   (enpt$pos(42)+vy(100))  vy(hDir(enpt$pos(42),enpt$pos(43)))    0 0xffff
   j7   (enpt$pos(47)+vy(100))  vy(hDir(enpt$pos(47),enpt$pos(48)))    0 0xffff
  • Get the position of enemy point #47 and add 100 to the y coordinate.
  • "vy()" Create a vector with only one relevant coordinate: Y
  • "hDir(...)" calculate the horizontal direction from a to b.

Long term, short result: Alpine Circuit

The ZIP file contains 2 tracks:

  • Alpine Circuit - ENPT.szs : In this track you can see the enemy points, look out for itemboxes.
  • Alpine Circuit RC2.szs : This is my suggestion for the second release candidate.

Have Fun, Wiimm 16:53, 28 December 2011 (CET)

CTGP Revolution v.1.2

What version of Alpine Circuit was in CTGP Revolution v1.2??

--9Horsti12 09:18, 10 March 2013 (UTC)


@Black Rose 67 @Wiimm

The download was removed from mediafire!

Please can you put an new downloadlink on this site

--9Horsti12 08:11, 14 February 2013 (UTC)