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Super Mario Galaxy is a series of games by Nintendo that uses file formats similar to Mario Kart Wii. Therefore, some tools designed for these games can be used for creating Custom Tracks.

Custom Tracks

There are a few custom tracks based on stages in the games.

Title Author
SMG Ghostly Gate DryBowser
SMG Sea Slide Galaxy Torran, SwordofSeals
SMG Star Festival TheGamingBram
SMG2 Big Tree HackSizer
SMG2 Peach Castle Night Planet HackSizer
SMG2 Sky Station Raceway DryBowser

Custom Characters

There are a few custom characters based on power-ups in the game, as well as non-playable characters.

Title Author Type
Bomb Boo (H1K0USEN) H1K0USEN Custom character
Bomb Boo (Whipinsnapper) Whipinsnapper Character texture
Flying Mario iSlime Character texture
Flying Luigi Babypeachhd Character texture
Honey Queen Atlas Retro character (from Mario Kart 7)
Hungry Luma CuberHax Custom character
Skeleton Mario NootNoot64 Custom character
Ice Mario DryBowser Character texture
Spooky Speedster Atlas Custom character
Whittle Atlas Custom character