SolarZ's Item Pack

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SolarZ's Item Pack
Author: SolarZ
Type: Item Pack
Version: v1.0
Release date: 2018-10-22
Download: Dropbox


SolarZ's Item Pack is an item pack made by SolarZ. It was created for the Shells Angels (SΛ) clan. So far, it includes blue and red (sometimes purple) drift sparks over the bike's original light blue drift sparks, a winged Blue Shell-style Green Shell, coins over Bananas, fireballs over Red Shells, a Cheep Cheep over Blooper, blue Lightning, a Metroid over the Thunder Cloud, green Fake Item Boxes, a seagull over the Blue Shell, and recolored Mega Mushroom, POW Block, Bob-omb, Golden Mushroom, Bullet Bill, and Mushroom items. All items in this pack have icons, and the pack also includes custom rank displays (e.g. 1st-12th), a custom item roulette glass, and custom item box particles.


  • Atlas, for the Metroid item.


Currently no media

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2018-10-22 First release