Scalenes Custom Track Mega Downloader

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Scalenes Custom Track Mega Downloader
Creator: Scalene
File Format:
Version: 1.0
Download: Google Sites


Scalenes Custom Track Mega Downloader is a toolset by Scalene to simplify the extraction of SZS files, and sort Wiimms autoadd library.



For SZS extraction: First in the main menu click on Extract all tracks, click on Choose Output Folder and select the file \where the application is located, then click Extract ISO and choose your MKWII ISO file, finally click Extract All Files it will pop up with a ton of command prompt windows, then just wait, about a minute later they will all go away, then you're done, feel free to delete the leftover SZS files in the folder, hope you guys enjoy! NOTE: if you want to get the textures navigate to the SZS folder > Course_model > Textures (N4WR) then there will be the PNG images.

SZS Extraction Tutorial

For Object sorter: First click on Object Sorter please note that its a work in progress, and not all objects are in yet. Then select find folder and select your auto_add folder from your WBZ converter, probably located in your downloads. Then create an objects folder, then click Find Folder Destination and select the folder you made, Finally select Generate files and you're all set!

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