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Rexs Avatar.png
Aliases: Rexkip, Zaloone, zbug

Hello, I'm Rex!

While I don't find myself as good as everyone else, I've made a couple of modding related things, mainly custom tracks. I have quite a few unfinished projects, mainly due to lack of motivation and dedication to complete them. I'm also not very social due to many things worrying me, so if I don't respond to you or don't participate in many discussions, it is most likely because I'm scared I'll look embarrassing trying to fit in, accidentally phrase something wrong, or something like that. (I will still try to respond to questions regarding most of the things I've made, including on talk pages here, and also if I see them asked elsewhere.)

I don't have a lot to put on my profile, so that's it I suppose.

By the same author: Rex

Custom Tracks:
Sherbet CircuitSBSPLCP Floor It 1, 2 & 3Telamon HeightsN64 Koopa Troopa BeachDim District

Custom Textures:
Cyan Koopa Troopa

Collaborations and Updates:
Stunny City (Remake) – Mossy Tower Ruins (w/ Toxic Prime)