Retro Kart Wii

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Retro Kart Wii
Creator: Project Luka
The Team: Development Team
Type: Riivolution
Tracks: 32 Tracks
Status: Unreleased


Retro Kart Wii is a 32 track distribution created by Project Luka with this development team. This pack consists of a mix of Mario Kart Double Dash!! and Mario Kart DS tracks.

The release of Retro Kart Wii has been postponed until further notice.


Cup Track
Shroom Mix.png
Shroom Mix
GCN Luigi Circuit
GCN Baby Park
DS Figure-8 Circuit
DS Shroom Ridge
Flower Mix.png
Flower Mix
GCN Mario Circuit
DS Peach Gardens
DS Tick Tock Clock
GCN Mushroom Bridge
Star Mix.png
Star Mix
DS Desert Hills
GCN DK Mountain
DS Mario Circuit
GCN Waluigi Stadium
Special Mix.png
Special Mix
DS Airship Fortress
GCN Mushroom City
DS Bowser's Castle
GCN Rainbow Road
Shell Mix.png
Shell Mix
GCN Wario Colosseum
DS Delfino Square
GCN Daisy Cruiser
DS Cheep Cheep Beach
Banana Mix.png
Banana Mix
GCN Sherbet Land
DS Yoshi Falls
GCN Peach Beach
DS Wario Stadium
Leaf Mix.png
Leaf Mix
GCN Dry Dry Desert
DS Waluigi Pinball
GCN Yoshi Circuit
DS Luigi's Mansion
Lightning Mix.png
Lightning Mix
DS DK Pass
GCN Dino Dino Jungle
GCN Bowser's Castle
DS Rainbow Road

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 Full release
By the same author: Project Luka

Retro Kart Wii

Custom Textures:
Rosalina (Black and Yellow Custom Texture)

By the same author: TheGamingBram

Custom Tracks:
Mountain TownMountain RoadMountain Adventure

Retro Tracks:

Remade Tracks:
Chomp Valley RemakeAlpine Circuit

Ported Tracks:
Heaven & Hell DSStar Festival SMG

Custom Arenas:

Custom Caracters & Karts:

Worked On:
Fr33ze CircuitSkipper Circuit

Skipper's 200kmh Distribution

External links:
YouTubeDiscord Group

By the same author: Bri

Custom Tracks:
Winter Circle

Retro Tracks:
GCN Dino Dino JungleGCN Sherbet LandSNES Mario Circuit 1N64 Banshee BoardwalkDS Waluigi Pinball
GBA Peach CircuitGBA Bowser Castle 1DS Mario CircuitN64 Frappe Snowland3DS DK Jungle

WIP Tracks (on hold):
GCN Luigi Circuit – Sweet Sweet Raceway – DS Luigi's Mansion3DS Cheep Cheep Lagoon3DS Rock Rock Mountain – Night Harbor – Wii Maple Treeway – Wii Koopa Cape

Yoshi 8 CircuitNorthpole SlideOrange Loop

Texture Hacks:
Sunset SummitSunset IceGBA Ice Castle 1

Updated Texture Hacks:
King Boo's EstateSpace Cruiser Circuit

Track Edits:
Mario Desert

Character Textures:
Orange and Black ToadetteChristmas ToadetteGreen and Yellow DaisyGreen PeachRed Koopa Troopa

Character Ports:
SMS Peach

WIP Characters:
Lana (Pokémon Sun/Moon)

Vehicle Ports:
Gold StandardEgg 1B Dasher

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By the same author: RoGamer