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Quattro, or ilQuattro_ on Twitch, is an Italian concept artist and layout creator. He's known in the Mario Kart custom track community for being the founder and current administrator of the Custom Track Creators (CTC) Discord server. Outside of said community, he is famous as a musician, record producer, visual artist best known for his contributions to ambient music, vaporwave, and electronica.

Featured tracks

All of the sketches and concepts are available under request, or through the Custom Track Creators server.

Name Redesign of Additional comments
Ancient Ruins Unreleased concept by Bear -
Asteroid Tunnels Comet Starway by WiiLuigi -
Barren Bastion Desert Fort by JorisMKW -
Beacon Battlefield Original concept Requested by Bear
Blockbatch Blast Original concept -
WSR Camel Rock Original concept -
Cannon City Cannon City by khacker35000vr -
GBA Cheep-Cheep Island GBA Cheep-Cheep Island by Nintendo -
Coral Capers Lame Course by Eggdings -
DK Waterfall DK Waterfall by BigOto2 -
Dry Coast Dry Coast by Putinas -
Fireclay Fortress Incendia Castle by MrBean35000vr and Chadderz -
Former Hell Original concept in collab.n with Remurin -
Galaxy Boulevard Original concept -
King Boo's Mansion Haunted Woods by Thondam -
Lakeside Skyway Lakeside Skyway by Maximiliano -
Lethal Lava Land Original concept -
WSR Menhir Rush Original concept -
PSX Moa Therma PSX Moa Therma by Psygnosis -
Mushroom Creek Mushroom Peaks by MrBean35000vr and Chadderz -
Mushroom Glacier Icy Shroom Road by BigOto2 -
New Donk Subway Original concept -
GK2 Rainbow Road GK2 Rainbow Road by Kinopiokuppa -
Shy Guy Skylane Skylane by UgotHacked35000vr -
Six Kings' Labyrinth Six King Labyrinth by MrBean35000vr and Chadderz -
N64 Skyscraper N64 Skyscraper (battle) by Nintendo Reworked into N64 Skyscraper (Race) v2.0 by Brawlbox
Tiny Tiny Island Original concept -
Toadette's Townlet Original concept Reworked into Nelsonside Valley by ZPL
Toadrock Road Darky Cliff by khacker35000vr -
SMO Tostarena Ruins Original concept -
Unnamed Town Unnamed Town by Bladestorm227 Reworked into Unnamed Town (v1.0) by Bladestorm227
Wet-Dry Land Original concept -
WP Wii Tanks Original concept Requested and reworked into WP Wii Tanks by Brawlbox
Yoshi's Yarn Basket Yoshi's Magic Yarn Basket by Trushi and Cotni -