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Discord quattro#3244
Discord Server Custom Track Creators
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Chrome Systems Ltd.

Quattro (pronounced as [k’wɑ:trɒ]) is an Italian custom track layout creator.
He's also the owner of the Custom Track Creators group in the freeware online IP application Discord.

Personal informations

Quattro began playing Mario Kart Wii in 2009, a year after the European release. As he first discovered CTGP in 2011 after viewing a video by MrBean35000vr of his track Mushroom Peaks, he began playing Wiimm's Wiimms Mario Kart Fun custom track distributions. In August 2018 he created the Discord server Custom Track Creators with the goal of creating a server entirely dedicated to CT makers where they can share their levels, concepts, and custom music.
Outside of the Mario Kart Wii community, he's mainly known for his works as a vaporwave, vaportrap, ambient and lo-fi hip hop artist in the SoundCloud and Bandcamp musical scene, having released multiple albums and EPs on Bandcamp under the Chrome Systems Ltd. pseudonym, as well as single tracks on his SoundCloud page and other projects in his main Bandcamp page.


· The name Quattro (lit. four in Italian) comes from the main character of a novel he started writing at the age of 13, called The Gift. Since the story was never finished, though, he wanted to keep the name and use it as his official pseudonym instead. The inspiration came from watching the television channel Rai 4.
· His first Mario Kart game was Mario Kart: Super Circuit, on the Game Boy Advance. Sadly, he lost both the console and the game as a child.
· His favorite games of the series (to date) are Mario Kart DS, Mario Kart Wii, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.
· His mains, for every class, are Koopa, Yoshi, and Rosalina. He uses Rosalina the most often, though.


All of Quattro's 100% completed layouts and concepts can be found on the Discord server. All of the tracks with an asterisk near their name are not 100% completed and thus their concept maps are not available in the CTC Discord.
Each of the concepts made by Quattro are available for everyone to use for a personal version and/or interpretation of a track, even if said track is already in use by another creator.
Original tracks
Track name Status Modeler Version
Blockbatch Blast Available - -
WSR Camel Rock Available - -
Former Hell (with Remurin) Available - -
Galaxy Boulevard Available - -
WSR Menhir Rush Available - -
New Donk Subway (Metro Subway) Available - -
Shifting Sandway* Announced - -
WP Tanks In progress JαmεςH -
Tiny Tiny Island Available - -
Wet-Dry Land Available - -
Track name Status Modeler Version Original track
Barren Bastion (Desert Fort) Available - - Desert Fort (JorisMKW)
Big Boo's Garden (Haunted Woods) Available - - Haunted Woods (Thondam)
Cannon City Available - - Cannon City (kHacker35000vr)
GBA Cheep-Cheep Island In progress Bear & TemTem - GBA Cheep-Cheep Island (Nintendo)
Coral Capers Available - - Lame Course (qwertyuiop82465)
Toadrock Road (Darky Cliff) Available - - Darky Cliff (kHacker35000vr)
DK Waterfall Available - - DK Waterfall (BigOto2)
Dry Coast Available - Dry Coast (Putinas)
Fireclay Fortress Available - - Incendia Castle (MrBean35000vr and Chadderz)
Freezeflame Depths* Announced - - Melting Magma Melee (Sucht93a)
Grassy Plains (with -Mystic-) Available - - Grassy Plains (ZPL Gaming)
Lethal Lava Land In progress MK Mier - Lethal Lava Land (TB 358)
PSX Moa Therma Available - - Moa Therma from Wipeout Pulse (Psygnosis)
Mushroom Glacier (Rosalina's Glacier) In progress Toxic Prime - Icy Shroom Road (BigOto2)
Mushroom Creek Available - - Mushroom Peaks (MrBean35000vr and Chadderz)
GK2 Rainbow Road Available - - GK2 Rainbow Road (Kinopiokuppa)
Skylane (Shy Guy Skylane) Available - - Skylane (UgotHacked35000vr)
PSX Stanza Inter* Announced - - Stanza Inter from Wipeout 3 (Psygnosis)
Starlight Coaster (Asteroid Tunnels) Available - - Comet Starway (WiiLuigi)
Unnamed Town In progress Bladestorm227 - Unnamed Town (Bladestorm227)
Yoshi's Yarn Basket Available - - Yoshi's Magic Yarn Basket (Trushi and Cotni)