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Avatar: Porko's Profile Picture.png
Discord: H λ I G H λ#6306
Twitter: @Mercurys_Hatta

G'day! I'm just a fellow modder who likes doing whatever characters I enjoy, mostly obscure ones. I have no particular goals, I just wanna enjoy moddin', though my dream is to see all playable characters in Mario spin-offs playable in this Mario Kart entry, which was a large part of my childhood (despite my age yeah). However, my dream of having characters like Whomp King and MC Ballyhoo are now (nearly) complete! I hope y'all can enjoy my mods! If you find any game breaking glitches/bugs, be sure to contact me through Discord or Twitter, I'm mostly active there.

Some times I might take a sudden break from modding. However, if you want to check any progress on any unreleased mods, feel free to visit My Modding Google Document.

By the same author: Porko

Custom Characters:
Chief ChillyShy Guy (Pastry Chef)BanditMr. IMr. PipeSprixie Princess

Mario Party Characters:
MC Ballyhoo & Big TopTumbleBrighton & Twila Mii OutfitsMillennium Star

Individual Characters/Vehicle Combos:
King Monty MoleVirusesMarty

Works in Progress:
Goomba Tower

Cosmic CloneMonty MoleRocky WrenchWhompWhomp KingBroozer