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Avatar: Porko's Profile Picture.png
Discord: Porko#6306
Twitter: @Mercurys_Hatta

G'day to all, my name's Porko. I'm a mere beginner at Mario Kart Wii modding, specifically custom characters. I aim to bring some rather obscure and underappreciated characters from across the Mario franchise as well as most spin-off characters (most notably playable characters from Mario Party or Mario Tennis, as well as bosses) with a bit of bias thrown into the list.

My mods include everything needed for a custom character except for LOD/CPU models, for now that is.

Custom Characters

As to document my progress, here's a list of characters that already have at the very least a proper rig and are working over a single vehicle. Any percentage that isn't a multiplier of 5 indicates minor issues such as shaders, animations or materials.

Character Progress
Bandit Needs new rig
Big Bully 4%
Chief Chilly 100%
Cosmic Clone (3D Land) 40%
Goomboss 10%
King Lakitu On Hold
King Monty Mole 10%
Lakithunder On Hold
Major Burrows (modern Monty Mole design) On Hold
Mini Mario 5%
Monty Mole (Collab) 60%
Shy Guy (Pastry Chef) 100%
Viruses 5%
Whomp King/Whomp 4%
By the same author: Porko

Custom Characters:
Chief ChillyShy Guy (Pastry Chef)