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Avatar: Porko's Profile Picture.png
Discord: Porko#6306
Twitter: @Mercurys_Hatta

G'day! I'm just a fellow modder who likes doing whatever characters I enjoy, mostly obscure ones, with my main goals being able to complete both the MKDS boss roster and the Moped Mayhem collection of characters from Mario Party 8, with my main dream of having Whomp King playable now being complete! Thank y'all for enjoying my mods and please be sure to report any bugs/glitches through my Twitter or Discord.

Some times I might take a sudden break from modding.

By the same author: Porko

Custom Characters:
Chief ChillyShy Guy (Pastry Chef)BanditMr. I

Individual Characters/Vehicle Combos:
King Monty MoleVirusesMarty

Cosmic CloneMonty MoleRocky WrenchWhompWhomp King