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Hi!! I'm Yoshi and I am a huge fan of Mario Kart, specifically Mario Kart Wii. You are free to use my CTs or custom music in your distributions if you'd like.

Ultra Shortcuts

While I haven't found any ultra shortcuts on Nintendo tracks, I have found 6 ultra shortcuts on custom tracks.

Track Version Notes
N64 Toad's Turnpike v2.0 Got fixed literally the next day.
Cow Cow Grassland v2.2 All you need to do is respawn in checkpoint 0 lol.
Moonlight Lake v1.0 I hope NintenYoshi fixes this.
DS Cheep Cheep Beach v2.0 Link
Toad's Forgery Beta.jhfr
Sky High Island v1.03 Glitch Leaderboard on Chadsoft

By the same author: OrangeYoshi

Yoshi's MK Music Pack

Custom Tracks:
SNES Vanilla Lake 1