Moiré pattern

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This page describes how the moiré pattern looks like in-game and how to fix it.


The moiré pattern is when textures appear to flicker or look strange from a distance. This is due to mipmaps being disabled.

Showcase of the moiré pattern

Mipmaps disabled in the MDL0
Mipmaps enabled in the MDL0

How to fix this pattern in Brawlbox

Image of the BrawlBox menu
  1. Make sure your texture has mipmaps.
  2. Open your MDL0 in BrawlBox.
  3. Open the Materials folder.
  4. Open a material.
  5. Make sure the Scale is set to (1,1) and the Translation is set to (0,0).
  6. Change MinFilter from Linear to Linear_Mipmap_Linear.
  7. Save your course_model.brres and import it into your SZS file.