Moiré pattern

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This page describes how the moiré pattern looks like in-game and how to fix or prevent it.


The moiré pattern is when textures appear to flicker or clash at a distance. This is because mipmaps have not been enabled under the MDL0 or the textures have not been imported correctly. To help prevent this issue occurring in tracks, there are a few ways in which you can help negate the effect. The main, and best solution is explained below.

Showcase of the moiré pattern

Mipmaps disabled in the MDL0
Mipmaps enabled in the MDL0

Importing and Encoding Mipmaps

Step 1

  1. Right click the .brres file and import a texture.
  2. Find the texture you would like to import.
  3. After selecting the texture, under MIP levels you can change the value to edit the number of mipmaps.
  4. Once done editing the mipmap levels, click Okay to make sure they save.

Step 2

  1. Double check your texture has mipmaps enabled.
  2. Go to the MDL0 of your .brres file.
  3. Find the material you would like to add mipmaps to.
  4. Click the material and then the material reference.
  5. Under the MinFilter, change the node to "Linear_Mipmap_Linear".

Re-encoding Mipmap Levels

If you have already imported your textures into your .brres file and are unsure how to add mipmaps, this simple step will help.

  1. Go to the texture you want mipmaps to be enabled on.
  2. Right click the texture and click, "Re-Encode".
  3. Under MIP Levels, enter the amount of mipmaps you want.
  4. Once done editing the mipmap levels, click Okay to make sure they save.