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My Youtube Channel

Hello everyone, Maestro here. This is my Custom Mario Kart WiiKi page where I upload my custom tracks and texture hacks for the world to see. You probably won't know much about me because I recently got back in to Mario Kart Wii after seeing a cool hacking video by MrBean. I got into it a little more and was I was inspired to start a YouTube channel by TWD98 (Troy). Currently, I have a few Custom Tracks and Texture Hacks in the making and a few currently available for use. Expect to see some texture packs and custom tracks in the near future.

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By the same author: MkMaestro

Custom Tracks:
DS Test Circle

Texture Hacks:
Lame TownIcy RoadSNES Bowser Circuit 3Ocean BoardwalkLuigi's Castle

Maestro Kart Wii (coming soon)

Texture Packs:
CJ's Texture Pack (Download)