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Mario Kart Madness
Author: Toxic Prime
Type: Riivolution
Date of Latest Version:


Mario Kart Madness is a custom track distribution created by Toxic Prime. It’s his most ambitious project yet.


  • ZPL Gaming, for providing loads of help during the creation of the CT pack.


Currently no media

Track Listing

If you would like to suggest a new track, an update to an existing track, or you want to add another file to Mario Kart Madness, please check out the track wishlist.


Track Listing
Cup Track Version Author Laps Speed Music Track Slot
Mushroom Cup.png
Mushroom Cup
SNES Mario Circuit 1 Bri, Skipper93653 5 sMC3 sMC3
SNES Donut Plains 1 maczkopeti, Izzyconds dYF dYF
SNES Ghost Valley 1 Toxic Prime sGV2 sGV2
SNES Bowser Castle 1 Wexos gBC3 gBC3
Flower Cup.png
Flower Cup
SNES Mario Circuit 2 Wexos sMC3 sMC3
SNES Choco Island 1 NiAlBlack sBC4 gDKM
SNES Donut Plains 2 Yoshi74, Toxic Prime dYF dYF
SNES Bowser Castle 2 MKDasher gBC3 gBC3
Star Cup.png
Star Cup
SNES Koopa Beach 1 AndyK KC KC
SNES Choco Island 2 Retrostyle12 sBC4 gDKM
SNES Vanilla Lake 1 Retrostyle12 nSL nSL
SNES Bowser Castle 3 DasFragezeichen, Tock gBC3 dDH
Special Cup.png
Special Cup
SNES Mario Circuit 4 Toxic Prime sMC3 sMC3
SNES Donut Plains 3 Bear, ZPL Gaming dYF dYF
SNES Koopa Beach 2 maczkopeti, Izzyconds KC KC
SNES Ghost Valley 3 NintenYoshi sGV2 sGV2
Shell Cup.png
Shell Cup
SNES Vanilla Lake 2 Yoshi74, Toxic Prime nSL nSL
SNES Rainbow Road xBlue98 RR RR
SNES Circle Fraz 8 sMC3 sMC3
Rainbow Celebration Yoshi74, Wexos, MaximilianoMK RR RR
Banana Cup.png
Banana Cup
N64 Luigi Raceway ZillaSpaz nMR nMR
N64 Moo Moo Farm Toxic Prime MMM MMM
N64 Koopa Beach ZillaSpaz KC KC
N64 Kalimari Desert Sniki TD dDH
Leaf Cup.png
Leaf Cup
N64 Toad's Turnpike NintenYoshi nSS MH
N64 Frappe Snowland Toxic Prime nSL DKS
N64 Choco Mountain Crile, Multimariokartds, Larry98 DKS gDKM
N64 Wario Stadium Yoshi74, Skipper93653 2 nMR gWS
Lightning Cup.png
Lightning Cup
N64 Royal Raceway Bear, ZPL Gaming nMR nMR
N64 Yoshi Valley Toxic Prime MMM dYF
N64 Banshee Boardwalk Yoshi74 sGV2 sGV2
N64 Rainbow Road Skipper93653 1 nSS RR
Blooper Cup.png
Blooper Cup
GBA Peach Circuit MC MC
GBA Riverside Park DarkWolf658 nDKJP nDKJP
GBA Bowser Castle 1 ZPL Gaming gBC3 gBC3
GBA Mario Circuit MysterE99 MC dDH
Mega Mushroom Cup.png
Mega Mushroom Cup
GBA Boo Lake Toxic Prime sGV2 sGV2
GBA Cheese Land Toxic Prime DDR DDR
GBA Bowser Castle 2 Odie5776 gBC3 gBC3
GBA Luigi Circuit SneaksterMK, Yoshidude4 MC gBC3
Thunder Cloud Cup.png
Thunder Cloud Cup
GBA Sky Garden Toxic Prime agBC3 MG
GBA Cheep-Cheep Island ChaosShadow23 gSGB gSGB
GBA Sunset Wilds ChaosShadow23 TD dDH
GBA Snow Land Mr Floydster nSL nSL
POW Block Cup.png
POW Block Cup
GBA Ribbon Road Cotni BP RR
GBA Yoshi Desert metaknight2550 dDH dDH
GBA Lakeside Park ChaosShadow23 nDKJP nDKJP
GBA Broken Pier ChaosShadow23 sGV2 sGV2
Bob-omb Cup.png
Bob-omb Cup
GBA Bowser Castle 4 DarkWolf658 gBC3 gBC3
GBA Rainbow Road Yoshi74, Toxic Prime agBC3 RR
Lakeside Park DarkWolf658 nDKJP nDKJP
GBA Award Course Retrostyle12 6 CCW MC
Fake Item Box Cup.png
Fake Item Box Cup
GCN Luigi Circuit Skipper93653 gMC gMC
GCN Baby Park Toxic Prime 7 gCL MC
GCN Dry Dry Desert Riidefi, Hlorenzi 1.3× DDR DDR
GCN Mushroom Bridge Tock MH MH
Golden Mushroom Cup.png
Golden Mushroom Cup
GCN Daisy Cruiser FunkyDude15, Cotni, Riidefi gPB gPB
GCN Sherbet Land Tock nSL nSL
GCN Mushroom City Tock MH MH
GCN Yoshi Circuit Toxic Prime gMC gMC
Spring Mushroom Cup.png
Spring Mushroom Cup
GCN Wario Colosseum Tock 2 gWS gWS
GCN Dino Dino Jungle George99, MrDark35000vr gDKM gDKM
GCN Bowser's Castle Baoulettes, Atlas BC BC
GCN Rainbow Road Toxic Prime 1.25× RR RR
CTGP Revolution Fireball Cup.png
Fireball Cup
DS Figure-8 Circuit Quajeek99, Sniki nMR nMR
DS Cheep Cheep Beach ZPL Gaming, Jasperr, Golden RS gPB KC
DS Luigi's Mansion ZillaSpaz nBC sGV2
DS Waluigi Pinball Yoshidude4, Turbo Yoshi CCW RR
Red Shell Cup.png
Red Shell Cup
DS Shroom Ridge Sniki dDS dDS
DS Tick-Tock Clock maczkopeti nSS MC
DS Mario Circuit ZPL Gaming nMR MC
Blue Shell Cup.png
Blue Shell Cup
DS Airship Fortress ZillaSpaz gBC3 gBC3
DS Wario Stadium Skipper93653 CCW gWS
DS Bowser Castle Sniki gBC3 gBC3
DS Rainbow Road maczkopeti RR RR
Bullet Bill Cup.png
Bullet Bill Cup
3DS Toad Circuit Toxic Prime nMR nMR
3DS Daisy Hills Atlas DC DC
3DS Cheep Cheep Lagoon RC1.1 Wexos, Crile gPB KC
3DS Shy Guy Bazaar v2.0 Atlas TD dDH
CTGP Revolution Chain Chomp Cup.png
Chain Chomp Cup
3DS Wuhu Loop MrDark35000vr 1 DP DC
3DS Mario Circuit v1.5 ZPL Gaming nMR MC
3DS Music Park v2.0s Atlas CCW RR
3DS Rock Rock Mountain v1.21 MrKoeikoei, ZillaSpaz agBC3 WGM
CTGP Revolution Mii Outfit C Cup.png
Mii Outfit C Cup
3DS Piranha Plant Slide v1.3 Atlas agBC3 KC
3DS Wario Shipyard v1.98 Atlas dTH gBC3
3DS Neo Bowser City v2.1 Atlas MH gBC3
3DS Maka Wuhu Beta 3.1 FunkyDude15, Wexos 1 TD dDH
Poison Mushroom Cup.png
Poison Mushroom Cup
3DS DK Jungle ZPL Gaming nDKJP nDKJP
3DS Rosalina's Ice World v1.01 MysterE99, Skipper93653 RR nSL
3DS Bowser's Castle Wexos, Atlas gBC3 BC
3DS Rainbow Road Bladestorm227 1 RR RR
Ice Flower Cup.png
Ice Flower Cup
Wii U Mario Kart Stadium ZPL Gaming CCW gWS
Wii U Sweet Sweet Canyon ZPL Gaming gCL WGM
Wii U Thwomp Ruins Degeso TD MT
Wii U Sunshine Airport Olivercomet dDS dDS
Propeller Mushroom Cup.png
Propeller Mushroom Cup
Wii U Dolphin Shoals TacoJosh KC KC
Wii U Cloudtop Cruise ZPL Gaming agBC3 MG
Wii U Bowser's Castle Toxic Prime BC BC
Wii U Excitebike Arena NinYoda1 FS gWS
CTGP Revolution Hammer Bro Cup.png
Hammer Bro Cup
Wii U Animal Crossing Hollend dDS dDS
Wii U Ice Ice Outpost Hollend DKS DKS
Bowser's Gravity Road NinYoda1 gBC3 gBC3
Bowser's Cathedral Rukasudo90, WhiteMEX BC BC
CTGP Revolution Wiggler Cup.png
Wiggler Cup
CTR Hot Air Skyway MysterE99 agBC3 DC
CTR Blizzard Bluff MysterE99 DKS DKS
CTR Cortex Castle MysterE99 gBC3 gBC3
CTR Tiny Arena MysterE99 2 gWS gWS
Penguin Suit Cup.png
Penguin Suit Cup
DKR Haunted Woods Nodrazir dTH MC
DKR Star City Mewtwo2000 nSS RR
F-Zero Big Blue Jefe, JorisMKW 1.7× FS gPB
F-Zero Mute City I Retrostyle12 sBC4 MC
Bee Mushroom Cup.png
Bee Mushroom Cup
F-Zero Port Town I NinYoda1 MH sMC3
F-Zero White Land I Toxic Prime 1.5× nSS DKS
FZMV Cloud Carpet TacoJosh sBC4 RR
HGSS Upper Cave Rukasudo90 WGM WGM
Rock Mushroom Cup.png
Rock Mushroom Cup
SBSPLCP Floor It 1 RotationRex 6 gMC gMC
MP9 Toad Road Thed0ra7z 1 1.5× gDKM gDKM
MSUSA Alaska Hollend DKS DKS
Muppet RM Swamp DJ Lowgey 6 dTH MC
CTGP Revolution 1UP Cup.png
1UP Cup
PMWR King's Kourse Oh ok gCL MC
PPA Fuji Speedway TheZACAtac 1.5x agBC3 nMR
Re-Volt Botanical Garden MK Mier dPG dPG
Re-Volt Rooftops MK Mier nSS nBC
Feather Cup.png
Feather Cup
Re-Volt Supermarket 2 MK Mier CM CM
SADX Twinkle Circuit 3 igorseabra4 DKS DKS
SADX Twinkle Circuit 4 igorseabra4 gPB gPB
SADX Twinkle Circuit 5 igorseabra4 WGM WGM
CTGP Revolution Shine Sprite Cup.png
Shine Sprite Cup
SH Casino Park igorseabra4 2 CCW RR
SM64 Bob-omb Battlefield SuperMario64DS agBC3 MC
SM64 Whomp's Fortress Reedy94 agBC3 MC
SMB1 Frozen Highway Retrostyle12 dTH DKS
CTGP Revolution Yoshi Egg Cup.png
Yoshi Egg Cup
SMB2 Starlight Highway Retrostyle12 2 agBC3 DC
SMG Sea Slide Galaxy Torran, Sword gPB KC
SMO RC Car Circuit Atlas 5 sMC3 sMC3
SSBB Port Town Aero Dive Sucht93a 2 nSS RR
Stone Leaf Cup.png
Stone Leaf Cup
Zelda OoT Lon Lon Ranch Retrostyle12 6 MMM MMM
Zelda WW Forest of Fairies Rukasudo90 6 MT MT
Zelda WW Hyrule Castle Rukasudo90 5 dTH DC
Zelda WW Outset Island Rukasudo90, WhiteMEX MT MT
CTGP Revolution Birdo Egg Cup.png
Birdo Egg Cup
79T Space Road v0.79 SlipperyMac RR RR
Space City Thed0ra7z 2 CCW RR
Space Mountain BillyNoodles BP RR
Space Odyssey Yoshivert99 1 RR RR
CTGP Revolution Bowser Shell Cup.png
Bowser Shell Cup
Space Race Castle MysterE99 gBC3 gBC3
Space Road kHacker35000vr 2 RR RR
Spacy Space Race Sucht93a 2 dTH RR
CTGP Revolution Metal Mushroom Cup.png
Metal Mushroom Cup
Kinoko Canyon Jasperr, ZPL Gaming MG MG
Kinoko Cave igorseabra4 gDKM MG
Kinoko Garden Ugotowned35000vr dPG dPG
Kinoko Valley NinYoda1 sBC4 KC
CTGP Revolution Luigi Fireball Cup.png
Luigi Fireball Cup
Lava Pit Yoshivert99 GV GV
Aqua Temple Yoshivert99 TD KC
Wild Canyon 1 v2.1 Retrostyle12 5 0.6x dDH dDH
Wild Canyon 3 Retrostyle12 TD dDH
CTGP Revolution Pencil Cup.png
Pencil Cup
Fireway mkwjason gBC3 GV
Coldway mkwjason DKS DKS
Honeybee Hideout TacoJosh gCL MT
Sahara Hideout ZPL Gaming, Jasperr, Golden RS 2 TD GV
CTGP Revolution Grand Star Cup.png
Grand Star Cup
Blue Sky Box Syun4TB RR gPB
Red Sector A Trent Rez 2 gBC3 gBC3
Blue Loop Toxic Prime, TZ dTH nSL
Red Loop YellowYoshi 5 GV GV
Boo Cup.png
Boo Cup
Iceway mkwjason DKS DKS
Moonlight Way mkwjason MH DC
Aperture Laboratories Yoshivert99 4 dTH BC
Desert of the Two Roads Yoshivert99 2 DDR DDR
Spin Drill Cup.png
Spin Drill Cup
Downtown Underground Sucht93a 4 nSS WGM
Subspace Road Caron gBC3 RR
Water Village Bear dDS dDS
Bandit Plains RCPlanes59 1.3x TD dDH
CTGP Revolution Star Bits Cup.png
Star Bits Cup
Helado Mountain HelloImYourMind DKS DKS
Hellado Mountain ChaosShadow23 GV GV
Cliffside Falls Fatality94, ZPL Gaming, Jasperr dYF dYF
Hemoglobin Falls varemi, Toxic Prime 1 GV GV
CTGP Revolution Lava Bubble Cup.png
Lava Bubble Cup
Jungle Jamble Yoshi86UP, Torran 5 MT nSL
Thwomp Swamp MysterE99 nDKJP nDKJP
Rainbow Float Land lgmb RR RR
Flying Kingdom SpyKid 2 BP RR
CTGP Revolution Cheep Cheep Cup.png
Cheep Cheep Cup
Road to Hell Coralia, Masson, TZ, SlipperyMac 2 1.25× BC gWS
Surfing Road Yoshivert99 1 gPB MG
GK7 Bowser's Castle Kinopiokuppa 1.1× gBC3 gBC3
Haunted Hill Rosalina Speedruns 2 sGV2 sGV2
CTGP Revolution Ice Bro Cup.png
Ice Bro Cup
Isolated Island Bulzeeb 1 sBC4 gSGB
Mountain Adventure TheGamingBram 1 DKS DKS
GK2 Rainbow Road Kinopiokuppa 1 RR RR
GK7 Rainbow Road Kinopiokuppa 1 dTH RR
Gold Flower Cup.png
Gold Flower Cup
SM64 Whomp's Fortress Oh ok agBC3 CM
Sand Speedway NinYoda1 1 TD DDR
The Elfin ANoob 7 WGM gSGB
Darkness Temple WiiLuigi 2 nBC nBC
Question Block Cup.png
Question Block Cup
Luigi's Ghost Castle Flohrian sGV2 sGV2
Heart of China Wingcapman DP DKS
Red Loop YellowYoshi 5 GV GV
Waterslide Yoshivert99 1 KC KC
Cloud Flower Cup.png
Cloud Flower Cup
Sky Grove Sniki nDKJP nDKJP
Skylane Ugotowned35000vr, MaximilianoMK 2 MG RR
Paradoxic Worldway Rukasudo90 1 FS gBC3
Unknown Dimension TheZACAtac 1 1.5× nBC nBC
Brick Block Cup.png
Brick Block Cup
LOL Kichitwi Festival varemi DC RR
Halogen Highway BigOto2 2 RR RR
Icestorm Peak WiiLuigi DKS DKS
WF Wuhu Island lgmb 1 1.25× DP DC
CTGP Revolution Blue Coin Cup.png
Blue Coin Cup
Luncheon Tour Luke Chandler gDKM MG
Celestial Ruins ChaosShadow23 RR MG
Riverside Circuit Ptpix1 agBC3 DC
Tim's Weird World SpyKid sBC4 DKS
CTGP Revolution Green Star Cup.png
Green Star Cup
Shrouded Cloudway Ayoraster TD MT
Wood Circuit NikoPlays 5 WGM dYF
Bowser Land ANoob, HackSizer 2 gBC3 BC
Mario Kart World MrDark35000vr 2 dTH nDKJP
CTGP Revolution Goomba Cup.png
Goomba Cup
Halfmoon Island Amalox, ANoob DC DC
Autumn Treeway MaximilianoMK MT MT
Mansion of Madness Sucht93a, Torran 2 GV GV
Space Odyssey Yoshivert99 1 RR RR
CTGP Revolution Lakitu Cup.png
Lakitu Cup
Icy Mountaintop Guilmon35249vr DKS DKS
Petite City Justin nSS MT
Haunted Woods Thondam, WorldsBoss sGV2 sGV2
Color Wonderland SpyKid BP RR
CTGP Revolution Volt Shroom Cup.png
Volt Shroom Cup
Underpass & Highway Skipper93653, Ptpix1 sBC4 dDS
New Moon Manor Sniki nBC nBC
Orange Loop Toxic Prime, Bri DDR DDR
Darkness Power Plant SpyKid, Scye 2 1.15× gBC3 gBC3
CTGP Revolution Acorn Cup.png
Acorn Cup
Piranha Plant Slide Atlas agBC3 KC
Blood Fire Sky Thed0ra7z, Rz 2 BC GV
Rush City Run GredMega nSS MC
Dragon Burying Grounds Multimariokartds 2 GV GV
CTGP Revolution Shy Guy Cup.png
Shy Guy Cup
Toxic Moon Supershyguy, ANoob 2 BC BC
Strobenz Desert II HelloImYourMind 2 TD DDR
Dark Matter Shrine Sniki dTH RR
Snake Way ANoob TD gBC3

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