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Mario Kart: Double Dash!! is the fourth game in Nintendo's Mario Kart series. It was first released for the Nintendo GameCube (GCN, NGC) in 2003, and was the second bestselling title for the system. Double Dash!! is the first in the series to fully utilize 3D graphics for gameplay, following Mario Kart 64's blended use of 2D sprites for characters and 3D graphics for race environments. Additionally, it is the first in the series to exclude the Pipe Frame, introducing the ability to select from several kart bodies. The game was unique for its dual-controlled racing style, mandating the use of two characters per vehicle, controllable between one or two players, as well as its utilization of character-specific items. It is the last in the main series to not feature a selection of Retro courses from a previous title.

The game's development was partially shared with Mario Kart Arcade GP and its sequels; as such, the titles share certain amounts of data and gameplay elements, including character models, course assets, and the use of the per-character item system. Mario Kart Arcade GP DX notably reintroduces the dual-controlled racing style in the form of the Kart Fusion mechanic. Mario Kart Tour additionally utilizes per-character item selection.


* = this content appears in Mario Kart Wii as official Retro content


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Grand Prix

Mario Kart: Double Dash!! contains a total of sixteen playable race courses inspired by locations in Mario series.


Mario Kart: Double Dash!! also contains an additional six stages for use in the game's battle mode.


  • GCN Dekoboko - name given to an early build of GCN Sherbet Land found on a European demo disc


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There are twenty playable drivers and twenty-one vehicle bodies in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!.







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