Mario Kart: Greatest Hits

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Mario Kart: Greatest Hits
Cover: Mario Kart Greatest Hits Logo.png
Author: MrMartley64
Type: Undecided
Tracks: 32 Tracks
Battle: None
Version: Beta
Date of Latest Version:


Mario Kart: Greatest Hits will be a custom track distribution made by MrMartley64. It will consist of his favorite custom tracks.


Currently no media


Track Listing
Cup Track Version Author
Mushroom Cup.png
Mushroom Cup
Sky Lakeway Mendo
Bayou Bay Boardwalk MrMartley64
Electric Shredder Sucht93a
Six King Labyrinth MrBean35000vr, Chadderz
Flower Cup.png
Flower Cup
Desktop Dash MysterE99
Bash 'n' Dash 'n' Bash Sucht93a
Disco Fever xBlue98
Galaxy Base SpyKid
Star Cup.png
Star Cup
Rosalina's Starlight Coaster xBlue98
Codename: BIGBOX Guilmon35249vr
Make America Great Again Skipper93653, B.B.
Special Cup.png
Special Cup
Incendia Castle MrBean35000vr, Chadderz
Nostalgic Bowser's Castle Omonimo747
Melting Magma Melee Sucht93a
Volcanic Valley MEGAKart69
Shell Cup.png
Shell Cup
DKR Ancient Lake DJ Lowgey, Mewtwo2000
DKR Jungle Falls MrKoeikoei, Mewtwo2000
DKR Haunted Woods Nodrazir
DKR Star City Mewtwo2000
Banana Cup.png
Banana Cup
SM64 Cool, Cool Mountain Slide YellowYoshi
N64 Toad's Turnpike
Zelda OoT Lon Lon Ranch
SM64 Castle Grounds ZillaSpaz
Leaf Cup.png
Leaf Cup
3DS Music Park Atlas
GCN Baby Park
SNES Bowser Castle 1
N64 Banshee Boardwalk
Lightning Cup.png
Lightning Cup
Wii U Excitebike Arena NinYoda1
DS Waluigi Pinball
3DS Bowser's Castle
N64 Rainbow Road

Version History

Version Date of release Information
Beta First release
By the same author: MrMartley64

Custom Tracks:
Bayou Bay Boardwalk

Upcoming Distributions:
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