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Avatar: Man-O-Wii's Profile Picture.png
Discord: Man-O-Wii#5227
Youtube: Man-O-Wii

Hey all, Man-O-Wii here, welcome to my wiki page! The name Man-O-Wii is derived from Man-O'-War, a venomous marine hydrozoan often mistaken for a type of jellyfish. You may also see me referred to as “Jesus” or “Jesus Christ”. I specialize in creating custom tracks. My pronouns are he/him, as indicated by my username. Not really anything to worry about, just thought I'd put that there in case you were wondering. Although I use Sketchup, I really try to push the boundaries of what you can do with it as it is a relatively limiting modeling tool. Currently I'd say my modeling has become at least somewhat impressive, so I am attempting to work on refining my gameplay. I also try to make tracks with themes that stick out and are memorable, which I think I have achieved with my later tracks. I also enjoy remaking tracks, as I find it fun to see a track that would normally be left in the dust and forgotten turn into a completely new and revamped track.

Other than custom tracks my main focus is administrating the Custom Track Jam Discord Server and helping out with that series, as I think it is an extremely fun series and I enjoy working behind the scenes to innovate and really boost up the series to it's full potential.

If you want to update any of my tracks please look at the tables below, they will have all the information you need. I generally don't collaborate with anyone on tracks apart from people that I know. If you need to contact me for any reason, you can contact me through my Discord which is listed in the table to the right.

My Creations

Want to update one of my tracks, look no further. Use this table as a reference on what can be updated and what cannot. If you see a track that isn't on the list, just ask me ahead of time as I likely just haven't added it yet.


This describes the legend for the “Can you update it?” section of the table.

Yes You can update the mod without asking me for permission.
Requires Permission You may be able to update the track, but you have to ask for my permission to update it first.
No You cannot update the mod and I will not give permission to update it. I don't want unofficial updates either, however, if you really want to update it at least title it an -alt version of the current version and leave it out of the Misc-Info box. This cannot be enforced obviously but if possible I ask that you oblige by these recommendations.

Custom Tracks and Battle Arenas

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Everything Else

See anything you wanted to update, but isn't on the table? Go ahead and update the mod, as I do not really care about any of my mods other than my custom tracks.

Upcoming Stuff

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By the same author: Man-O-Wii

Custom Tracks:
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Tracks I've Updated:
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