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Youtube: MKWHackZero / MarioKartPlusChannel
Twitter: Private
Skype: Private

Hello everyone.

I'm Zero, a Japanese. I'm doing a texture hack of MKW.

I'm producing a texture pack as "MarioKartPlus".

I develop MOD as well as it.

Because I use the translation software, I may have a deficiency in a sentence. I'm sorry.

Released Things

Texture Hacks

Name Date of Release Infomation
Gauge Position 2016-07-12 BRLYT and BRLAN are modified. It is unprecedented Positon Texture.
Part of the MarioKartPlus Version1.0 2016-05-04 There are Metal Font or BackModel.

Unfinished Things


  • ??? 
    Coming Soon

Texture Hacks

  • MarioKartPlus Version 2.1
    The creation of a new position texture. Creating a wipe animation. There are various modifications as well as it.

MarioKartPlus History

MarioKartPlus Version1.0
MarioKartPlus Version2.0
Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2015-01-31 First preview
v1.5 2015-06-01 Various modifications
  • Edited SZS.
    • Globe.szs
    • Earth.szs
    • Race.szs
    • Common.szs
    • MenuSingle.szs
  • Edited Common.
    • koura_red.brres
    • koura_green.brres
    • kumo.brres
v2.0 2016-05-04 Various modifications
  • Edited SZS.
    • Globe.szs
    • Earth.szs
    • Race.szs
    • Race_J.szs
    • Common.szs
    • MenuSingle.szs
  • Edited Common.
    • kinoko.brres
    • itemBoxNiseRtpa.brres
    • bomb.brres