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IMPORTANT: Each author can only have 2 upcoming tracks in this list.

This is the place for track authors to announce upcoming tracks. Please sort alphabetically and only include tracks that also have a page on this wiki. The Type column should indicate if your track is New, Ported, Remake and if it is a CT, Battle Track or Custom Competition. The Status should show a percentage (25% or 80%, etc.) or the stage of development: Planning, Modeling, Porting, KMP, Alpha or Beta. See the Version number article for more info.
Remove the track from the list and add it to one of the Custom Track Lists when it is finished.

Track Lists
Title Author Type Status Date
Autumn Raceway 2 iNelom New Track & Sequel BETA Testing 2016-06-28 2016-07-07
Carrera Circuit LOUISkovskie New Modeling 2017-01-14 2017
CS Dust II SpartaYoshi New / Recreation Beta 2017-04-10 April 2017
Ocean Islands Zef, MaximilianoMK New KMP 2016-12-13 February 2017
Pipe Above Water Jax53000VR New Planning 2015-07-31 On hold
Pokémon Circuit Beaglebark413 New Modeling (Needs someone to make KMP and SZS Map after Model is released to 3D Warehouse. 2014-06-25 Unknown
Porcelain Land Beaglebark413 New Modeling 2015-05-25 Unknown
Riverside Campsite 9Paran New Modeling 2016-01-30 Unknown
Shiver Circuit Epic New Planning 2016-08-08 Unknown