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YouTube LilBroomstick
Discord Tag Lee Everett (LilBroomstick)#8411

Hey, I'm Lil Broomstick, which is also my YouTube channel. I also go by: XTobsterX, Toby, lucasfan937 and OOF2608.
I make texture hacks and character textures for Mario Kart Wii (mainly Mii's). I also make BRSTM's from time to time.
I also love model swapping in Mario Kart Wii, it's fun to see the results.
I learnt how to texture hack not too long ago, around April.
I came all the way from just putting a green color on a Mii texture, to making textures in and with pictures.
I'm currently working on a custom music pack, which is still in alpha.

Well, these are some things you needed to know about me, thanks for reading! :D

By the same author: LilBroomStick

Custom Characters:
Lucas on Mach Bike