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YouTube KrashMK
Mario Kart Boards Krash 'n Burn Gaming
Discord Krash#5405
Discord Server (tell me if something is wrong) Server...

About Me

Hey fellow modders, I am Krash (KrashMK on YouTube). I don't make textures, but I have a few packs on this Wiiki. I just feel I may never have the skill to create CTs, but I probably make minor edits. I have some upcoming pack projects as of now, stay tuned for these!


Aside from MKWii and mods, I also like to play Sonic, watch and play Beyblade, which is why I have that kind of profile picture. So I am what you can call a Blader, but I'm not a weeb.

About my packs and such

Yes, you may use anything in my pack, but please credit me if you are using anything from it in one of your packs.