Jari Kart Wii

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Jari Kart Wii
Avatar: Jari Kart Wii logo v2.png
Author: Metaljaripower
Type: CTGP Revolution & Riivolution
Version: v7.0
Last Update: 2019-08-08
Release: 2020-??-??


Jari Kart Wii is a texture hack distribution made by Metaljaripower. This pack is also a mix pack of other texture packs. and is in the theme of Pokémon.


Currently no media


Track Listing v7.0
Cup Track Version Author
Mushroom Cup.png
Mushroom Cup
Gold Mario Circuit v1.0 Metaljaripower
Eevee's Farm v1.0 Metaljaripower
Forest of Magic v1.0 Metaljaripower
Toxic Factory v1.0 Metaljaripower
Meloetta Cup.png
Meloetta Cup
Emolga Circuit v1.0 Metaljaripower
Metal Mall v1.0 Metaljaripower
Kirlia's Mountain v1.1 Metaljaripower
Poison Mine v1.0 Metaljaripower
Star Cup.png
Star Cup
Dark Red Daisy Circuit v2.0 Metaljaripower
Tsareena Cape v1.0 Metaljaripower
Cherry Blossom Treeway v1.0 Metaljaripower
Dark Bowser's Volcano v1.0 Metaljaripower
Emolga Cup.png
Emolga Cup
Space Desert v1.0 Metaljaripower
Metal City v1.0 Metaljaripower
Frozen Castle v1.0 Metaljaripower
Metaljaripower Road v3.0 Metaljaripower
Green Pokeball Cup.png
Green Pokeball Cup
Dark Blue Peach Beach v1.0 Metaljaripower
Blue Yoshi Falls v1.0 Metaljaripower
Witches Forest v1.0 Metaljaripower
Meloetta's Moonlight Serenade v2.1 Metaljaripower
Banana Cup.png
Banana Cup
Icecream Land v1.0 Metaljaripower
Dust Sky Beach v1.0 Metaljaripower
Steenee's Festival v1.0 Metaljaripower
Mawile Stadium v1.0 Metaljaripower
Alolan Vulpix Cup.png
Alolan Vulpix Cup
Heatwave Hills v1.0 Metaljaripower
Nightmare Land v1.0 Metaljaripower
Fennekin's Jungle v1.1 Metaljaripower
Kingdom Way v1.0 Metaljaripower
Jari Cup.png
jari Cup
Neon Circuit v1.0 Metaljaripower
Garden Speedway v1.0 Metaljaripower
Braixen's Red Mountain v1.0 Metaljaripower
Flareon's Castle v1.0 Metaljaripower


Arena Listing
Cup Track Version Author
Wii Stages.png
Wii Stages
Neon Plaza v1.0 Pucci95
Steenee's Pier v1.0 Metaljaripower
Funky's Neon Stadium v1.0 Metaljaripower
Meloetta's Roulette v1.0 Metaljaripower
Hellish Crater v1.0 Trav
Retro Stages.png
Retro Stages
Light Blue Neon Battle Course v1.0 Metaljaripower
Crisis Battle 3 v1.0 Dxrk
Bowser Jr.'s Fiery Flotilla v1.0 DarkyBenji
Bowser Lava Land v1.0 Dxrk
Bendy's House v1.0 Metaljaripower


Slot Character Author
Baby Mario Black Baby Mario Théob78
Baby Luigi Black Baby Luigi Théob78
Baby Peach Baby Dark Blue Peach Metaljaripower
Baby Daisy Baby Dark Red Daisy Metaljaripower
Toad Blue Toad Unknown
Toadette Blue Toadette Metaljaripower
Koopa Troopa Darky Koopa Troopa Metaljaripower
Dry Bones Blue Dry Bones Metaljaripower
Mario Darky Mario DarkyBenji
Luigi Darky Luigi DarkyBenji
Peach Dark Blue Peach Metaljaripower
Daisy Dark Red Daisy Metaljaripower
Yoshi Blue Yoshi Metaljaripower
Birdo Green Birdo Metaljaripower
Diddy Kong Meloedy Kong Metaljaripower
Bowser Jr. Purple Bowser Jr. Metaljaripower
Wario Black Wario Théob78
Waluigi Black Waluigi Théob78
Donkey Kong Green Donkey Kong Metaljaripower
Bowser Purple Bowser Metaljaripower
King Boo Blue King Boo Metaljaripower
Rosalina Black Rosalina Metaljaripower
Funky Kong Metalfunkypower Metaljaripower
Dry Bowser Gardevoir DarkyBenji


Extra Info

  • If you're using the pack with CTGP Revolution, make sure to disable Automatic BRSAR Patching. Otherwise the wifi music won't work.
  • If you use the MenuSingle.szs with Riivolution. the icons of the cup are all the same.
  • The text messages of the Race.szs and CTDN.szs are not whole readable. for some only a part.

Known Bugs

  • Some texture tracks doesn't work with Wiimmfi Competitions.
  • The Race.szs file will crash on some custom tracks with the 24 player mod on.
  • There is a Chance that if you use this pack with multiplayer, it will glitch your game for some tracks.
  • The Wiimmfi Patcher for Riivolution does not work yet for NTSC-U users.

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2018-04-17 First release
v2.0 2018-05-21 Fixed Race.szs to reduce lag on big custom tracks.
v3.0 2018-07-01 Added new texture hacked tracks.
v4.0 2018-09-03
v5.0 2018-12-24
v6.0 2019-06-25
  • [fix] music crash on Toad's Factory.
  • [add] new character textures.
  • [remove] all custom characters.
  • [add] the custom character Gardevoir with voice (Goes over Dry Bowser).
  • [add] & remove] texture tracks.
  • Brand new Custom Music and new sound effects.
  • Brand new Rank Positions.
  • Brand New MenuSingle.szs and Globe.szs.
  • [add] New item models.
  • [add] Battle Stage Textures.
  • [update] Custom CTGP Channel.
  • [add] new UI files (pack will now be playable with multiplayer).
  • [add] DLC character
v6.1 2019-08-08
  • [fix] Blackscreen Error for NTSC-U users.
  • [add] Custom Voice for the DLC Character
v7.0 2020-??-??
  • [remove] all MLP textures (Texture Pack is not My little Pony themed anymore).
  • [add & remove] texture tracks.
  • [update]the custom character Gardevoir, made it playable for 1 wiimmfi competition.
  • [update] Custom CTGP Channel.
  • Brand new Custom Music and new sound effects.
  • Brand New Rank Positions.
  • [add] 12 More Custom Position Ranks (made it playable for the 24 player mod)
  • Brand New MenuSingle.szs and Globe.szs.
  • [add] New item models.
  • [add] new character textures.
  • [update] Riivolution Patch.
  • [add] custom cup icons for CTGP
  • [add] new UI files
  • [add] Custom Homebrew Application
  • [add] 2 new DLC character's
  • [update] Meloetta mod
  • [add] Mission Mode