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YouTube JTG JTG V2
Twitter @JTG_Ware
Discord JTG#5795
Friend Code 4730-4711-5414 (MKWii)


Hi guys, I'm JTG. I'm one of the people who enjoys using mods in Mario Kart Wii.

Custom characters

Name Version Planning to update? Notes
Funky Kong (DK: King of Swing Color 3) Beta 2 Yes Only goes over the Flame Runner, and I'm planning to make him goes over every vehicles, either myself or with help.

Requested characters

Name Notes Did it accepted Who accepted?
Ashley Not a single WarioWare character were modded in Mario Kart Wii Yes Chiller7
By the same author: JTG

Custom Characters:
Funky Kong (DKKOSC3)

JTG Character PackJTG Texture Pack