Gen 2 Pokémon Mod Pack

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Important information
When loading this distribution via CTGP Revolution, a message will be displayed saying: The disk drive appears to have stalled. To fix this, just wait a bit longer and CTGP Revolution will load with Gen 2 Pokémon Mod Pack installed.
Gen 2 Pokémon Mod Pack
Author: L3e98
Type: CTGP Revolution
Characters: 25
Version: v2.0
Date of latest version: 2021-09-04
Download: Google Drive


Gen 2 Pokémon Mod Pack is a character distribution created by L3e98. It contains various custom characters from the second generation of Pokémon games, as well as custom items. Additionally, the Mii outfits have a texture replacement to look like Ethan.


v1.0 (Small Characters)
v1.0 (Medium Characters)
v2.0 (Large Characters)


Character Listing
Original Character Version Author
Tt baby mario 64x64.tpl.png
Baby Mario
Pichu v1.0 L3e98
Tt baby luigi 64x64.tpl.png
Baby Luigi
Cyndaquil v1.0 L3e98
Tt baby peach 64x64.tpl.png
Baby Peach
Elekid v1.0 L3e98
Tt baby daisy 64x64.tpl.png
Baby Daisy
Magby v1.0 L3e98
Tt kinopio 64x64.tpl.png
Teddiursa v1.0 L3e98
Tt kinopico 64x64.tpl.png
Larvitar v1.0 L3e98
Tt noko 64x64.tpl.png
Koopa Troopa
Shuckle v1.0 L3e98
Tt karon 64x64.tpl.png
Dry Bones
Togetic v1.0 L3e98
Tt mario 64x64.tpl.png
Scizor v1.0 L3e98
Tt luigi 64x64.tpl.png
Sudowoodo v1.0 L3e98
Tt peach 64x64.tpl.png
Misdreavus v1.0 L3e98
Tt daisy 64x64.tpl.png
Sneasel v1.0 L3e98
Tt yoshi 64x64.tpl.png
Croconaw v1.0 L3e98
Tt catherine 64x64.tpl.png
Ampharos v1.0 L3e98
Tt didy 64x64.tpl.png
Diddy Kong
Aipom v1.0 L3e98
Tt koopa jr 64x64.tpl.png
Bowser Jr.
Tyrogue v1.0 L3e98
Tt wario 64x64.tpl.png
Heracross v1.0 L3e98
Tt waluigi 64x64.tpl.png
Eeveelutions/Legendary Beasts v1.0 L3e98
Tt donky 64x64.tpl.png
Donkey Kong
Forretress v1.0 L3e98
Tt koopa 64x64.tpl.png
Typhlosion v2.0 L3e98
Tt teresa 64x64.tpl.png
King Boo
Mantine v2.0 L3e98
Tt roseta 64x64.tpl.png
Ho-Oh v2.0 L3e98
Tt funky 64x64.tpl.png
Funky Kong
Lugia v2.0 L3e98
Tt hone koopa 64x64.tpl.png
Dry Bowser
Steelix v1.0 L3e98
Tt mii suit a 64x64.tpl.png
Mii Outfit A
Ethan v1.0 L3e98

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2021-08-25 First release
v1.1 2021-08-27 Added Ethan.
v2.0 2021-09-04
By the same author: L3e98

Character Packs:
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Character Sets:
EeveelutionsLegendary Beasts

Custom Characters:
Generation 1:
HitmonchanJigglypuffKabutopsMachampMeowthMr. MimePrimeapeSeadraSnorlax

Generation 2:

Character Textures:
Dark BooBlack and Red ToadettePunk Red

Character Edits:
Red with BagEthan