Funky Kong on Magikruiser (AlmostTWD98)

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This article is about AlmostTWD98's version. For other versions of this character, see Funky Kong on Magikruiser.
Funky Kong on Magikruiser
Author: AlmostTWD98
Version: v1.0
Date of latest version: 2021-10-12
Editors used: CTools
Download: Google Drive


This is a model swap of Funky Kong on the Flame Runner created by AlmostTWD98. It uses Toad's Magikruiser.


  • HackStarz, for the Funky Kong model.
  • JTG, for the Magikruiser model.


Currently no media

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2021-10-12 First release
By the same author: AlmostTWD98

AlmostTWD98's Favourites

Track Edits:
Fixed Mushroom Gorge

Funky Kong on Magikruiser

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