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This article describes the directory /Scene/UI of the Mario Kart Wii DVD (PAL and NTSC release). Read »Filesystem« for an introduction.


Meaning of the capitals

Letter Language DVD
E English PAL
F French PAL
G German PAL
I Italian PAL
J Japanese NTSC-J
K Korean NTSC-K
M Spanish NTSC-U
Q French NTSC-U
S Spanish PAL
U US English NTSC-U


Award ceremony
Mario Kart Wii Channel
Tournament description
Online screen
All screens after selecting Multiplayer mode
First time loading data screen and disconnected screen
All screens after selecting Single player mode and online voting screen
Getting new Character/Vehicle/Cup screen
Race and Battle
Title screens until the screen after choosing license


Award.szs (size=433942)
Award_E.szs (size=30390, PAL only)
Award_F.szs (size=31186, PAL only)
Award_G.szs (size=32250, PAL only)
Award_I.szs (size=31302, PAL only)
Award_K.szs (size=48090, NTSC-K only)
Award_J.szs (size=26661, NTSC-J only)
Award_M.szs (size=31528, NTSC only)
Award_Q.szs (size=32252, NTSC only)
Award_S.szs (size=31348, PAL only)
Award_U.szs (size=29973, NTSC only)
Channel.szs (size=2202957)
Channel_E.szs (size=31094, PAL only)
Channel_F.szs (size=31861, PAL only)
Channel_G.szs (size=32919, PAL only)
Channel_I.szs (size=31959, PAL only)
Channel_M.szs (size=38676, NTSC only)
Channel_Q.szs (size=38740, NTSC only)
Channel_S.szs (size=31929, PAL only)
Channel_U.szs (size=35891, NTSC only)
Event.szs (size=542267)
Event_E.szs (size=27487, PAL only)
Event_F.szs (size=28263, PAL only)
Event_G.szs (size=29318, PAL only)
Event_I.szs (size=28354, PAL only)
Event_M.szs (size=28556, NTSC only)
Event_Q.szs (size=29267, NTSC only)
Event_S.szs (size=28322, PAL only)
Event_U.szs (size=27161, NTSC only)
Font.szs (size=499251)
Globe.szs (size=685243)
Globe_E.szs (size=27500, PAL only)
Globe_F.szs (size=28276, PAL only)
Globe_G.szs (size=29331, PAL only)
Globe_I.szs (size=28370, PAL only)
Globe_M.szs (size=28574, NTSC only)
Globe_Q.szs (size=29280, NTSC only)
Globe_S.szs (size=28338, PAL only)
Globe_U.szs (size=27175, NTSC only)
MenuMulti.szs (size=957459)
MenuMulti_E.szs (size=27500, PAL only)
MenuMulti_F.szs (size=28276, PAL only)
MenuMulti_G.szs (size=29331, PAL only)
MenuMulti_I.szs (size=28370, PAL only)
MenuMulti_M.szs (size=28574, NTSC only)
MenuMulti_Q.szs (size=29280, NTSC only)
MenuMulti_S.szs (size=28338, PAL only)
MenuMulti_U.szs (size=27175, NTSC only)
MenuOther.szs (size=1922488)
MenuOther_E.szs (size=30421, PAL only)
MenuOther_F.szs (size=31198, PAL only)
MenuOther_G.szs (size=32251, PAL only)
MenuOther_I.szs (size=31287, PAL only)
MenuOther_M.szs (size=31495, NTSC only)
MenuOther_Q.szs (size=32200, NTSC only)
MenuOther_S.szs (size=31258, PAL only)
MenuOther_U.szs (size=30101, NTSC only)
MenuSingle.szs (size=1331300)
MenuSingle_E.szs (size=27500, PAL only)
MenuSingle_F.szs (size=28276, PAL only)
MenuSingle_G.szs (size=29331, PAL only)
MenuSingle_I.szs (size=28370, PAL only)
MenuSingle_M.szs (size=28574, NTSC only)
MenuSingle_Q.szs (size=29280, NTSC only)
MenuSingle_S.szs (size=28338, PAL only)
MenuSingle_U.szs (size=27175, NTSC only)
Present.szs (size=385971)
Present_E.szs (size=27522, PAL only)
Present_F.szs (size=28297, PAL only)
Present_G.szs (size=29349, PAL only)
Present_I.szs (size=28387, PAL only)
Present_M.szs (size=28593, NTSC only)
Present_Q.szs (size=29301, NTSC only)
Present_S.szs (size=28357, PAL only)
Present_U.szs (size=27197, NTSC only)
Race.szs (size=999175)
Race_E.szs (size=238902, PAL only)
Race_F.szs (size=319398, PAL only)
Race_G.szs (size=234886, PAL only)
Race_I.szs (size=272955, PAL only)
Race_M.szs (size=289275, NTSC only)
Race_Q.szs (size=327504, NTSC only)
Race_S.szs (size=283517, PAL only)
Race_U.szs (size=238490, NTSC only)
Title.szs (size=1721264)
Title_E.szs (size=307364, PAL only)
Title_F.szs (size=308140, PAL only)
Title_G.szs (size=309190, PAL only)
Title_I.szs (size=308234, PAL only)
Title_M.szs (size=308556, NTSC only)
Title_Q.szs (size=309266, NTSC only)
Title_S.szs (size=308199, PAL only)
Title_U.szs (size=307162, NTSC only)