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This article describes the directory /Race/Competition/CommonObj of the Mario Kart Wii DVD (PAL and NTSC release). Read »Filesystem« for an introduction.


These files contain the objects used in competitions. The competition file (RKC) has a bitfield with one bit for each of those files indicating if this file's contents are needed for the competition.

CommonObj01.szs (size=65349)
CommonObj02.szs (size=28119)
CommonObj03.szs (size=378513)
CommonObj04.szs (size=542729)
CommonObj05.szs (size=54315)
CommonObj06.szs (size=58574)
CommonObj07.szs (size=77386)
CommonObj08.szs (size=23960)
CommonObj09.szs (size=40876)
CommonObj10.szs (size=53577)
CommonObj11.szs (size=50632)
CommonObj12.szs (size=37517)

List of all subfiles

List of all subfiles