Fe4rless's Music Pack

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Fe4rless's Music Pack
Author: DrFe4rless
Type: My Stuff
Songs: 35
Version: v2.0
Date of latest version: 2021-02-20
Download: Google Drive


Fe4rless's Music Pack is a custom music distribution created by DrFe4rless. It features songs from many Nintendo games, including Super Mario Galaxy and Mario Kart 8.


Currently no media


Track Listing
Cup Track Music
Mushroom Cup.png
Mushroom Cup
Luigi Circuit Mario Kart 8 - Super Bell Subway (Underground)
Moo Moo Meadows Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Puzzle Plank Galaxy
Mushroom Gorge Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition - Colony 9 (Day)
Toad's Factory Super Mario 3D World - Hisstocrat Battle
Flower Cup.png
Flower Cup
Mario Circuit Mario Kart 8 - Super Bell Subway (Underground)
Coconut Mall Mario Kart Wii - Coconut Mall (Naz3nt Future Funk Remix)
DK Summit Persona 3 FES - The Snow Queen
Wario's Gold Mine Mario Kart 8 - Shy Guy Falls
Star Cup.png
Star Cup
Daisy Circuit Mario Kart 8 - Sunshine Airport
Koopa Cape Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) - Wave Ocean (The Water's Edge)
Maple Treeway Mario Kart 8 - Animal Crossing (Fall)
Grumble Volcano Super Mario Galaxy - Hell Prominence
Special Cup.png
Special Cup
Dry Dry Ruins Mario Kart 8 - Bone Dry Dunes
Moonview Highway Mario Kart 8 - N64 Toad's Turnpike
Bowser's Castle Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Gobblegut Battle
Rainbow Road Super Mario Galaxy - Gusty Garden Galaxy
Shell Cup.png
Shell Cup
GCN Peach Beach Super Mario Galaxy - Beach Bowl Galaxy
DS Yoshi Falls Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Stickerbrush Symphony
SNES Ghost Valley 2 Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Haunty Halls Galaxy
N64 Mario Raceway Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Vega Stage
Banana Cup.png
Banana Cup
N64 Sherbet Land Super Mario 3D World - Snowball Park
GBA Shy Guy Beach Super Mario 3D World - Sunshine Seaside
DS Delfino Square Super Mario Sunshine - Delfino Pier
GCN Waluigi Stadium Mario Kart 8 - DS Wario Stadium
Leaf Cup.png
Leaf Cup
DS Desert Hills Mario Kart 8 - Bone Dry Dunes
GBA Bowser Castle 3 Super Mario Galaxy - Buoy Base Galaxy
N64 DK's Jungle Parkway Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Yoshi Star Galaxy
GCN Mario Circuit Mario Kart 8 - GCN Yoshi Circuit
Lightning Cup.png
Lightning Cup
SNES Mario Circuit 3 Super Mario Sunshine - Secret Course
DS Peach Gardens Super Mario 3D World - Chainlink Charge
GCN DK Mountain Mario Kart 8 - 3DS DK Jungle
N64 Bowser's Castle Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Space Storm Galaxy

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2020-11-05 First release
v2.0 2021-02-20 Added music for all 32 tracks.
By the same author: DrFe4rless